Are these buyorder spikes of PLEX a good thing?

It’s an increase of roughly one million buys per (less than) 30 days
ever since the BlackOut ended. That sounds like a lot to me,
and it increased by roughly a million per month now.

I understand that there’s going to be a ceiling eventually,
because obviously that’s not sustainable …

Is there an explanation why it’s roughly a million three times in a row?
Is this a good thing?
Why doesn’t the PLEX price change accordingly?

Just before the BlackOut ended on the 16th of September,
PLEX took a nosedive.

Despite there being an increase in buys for the last three months,
every month, the price doesn’t seem to move accordingly.

Why? In three months that’s three million buys more than in September
and it boggles my mind that the price doesn’t go up accordingly.

What am I missing?

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You are missing the biggest factor called ‘price manipulation’. Therefore you are comparing plex prices to unnatural prices… Currently market seems to be slowly adjusting into its correct value rather than manipulated price. (2b/500plex and above was never its real value fyi)
Or maybe its just ccps intentions of making isk worth more? Everything else gets cheaper when isk gains some purchasing power.

Source for this claim?

I remember back in 2014 when people said PLEX was never supposed to go above 1b flat, and look at where we are today.


Source for this claim?

I remember back in 2014 when people said PLEX was never supposed to go above 1b flat, and look at where we are today.

Yep and I remember when plex was 400m.

I also remember the propaganda of ‘natural plex price rise’ in reddit, this forum and some discord channels to make people think its suddently rising. Spreading some propaganda that plex is suddently raising in value with abnormal speed helped the people who were messing with the price.
And for the source I suggest you follow markets and learn the basics of reading market data.

Ah, so your source is “your asshole”. Ok, good to know.

It is every proper traders answer since nobody is going to give you better insight tools for market. Reading market and its trends is what traders do. If you fall for propaganda or misread price trends (cant confirm WHY plex or something is rising in prise or would have been rising, then you are most likely the victim of market manipulations.

Ah, there’s the fallback. The “I’m smarter than you, and you’re just sheep being manipulated!” response.

Look kid, you don’t have to try and be all tough on the internet. But when someone asks you to provide your source, just provide your source instead of trying to pull a “I’mverysmart”. You’ll make more friends that way.

I wish you good luck! This “kid” is not looking for friends and is not about to save you the time from doing your job (reading market data). Either you go trough the data in your personal market tools and spreadsheets or if youre lacking the tools, I assume you can do it manually page by page.

No actual responses, ey …

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