Banning botters increases the plex of price

3.5 million plex gone from the economy
CCPlease kill more bots we need higher plex prices

So you do believe, that bots create PLEXes? Wake up, they utilize them. And that drives PLEX price up. PLEX was about 4 million per piece. Then came Blackout, all PvP hungry folks rushed to get opportunity and selled PLEX to get ISK. Bots took time to reprogram and buyed less plexes. PLEX price crashed. Now Blackout is over, bots are reprogrammed properly, PvP maniacs went away, PLEX price goes up. Simple.


3.5 Million plex was taken out of the economy by banning bots.
Murdering the supply makes the price rise too

3.5 million plex is a drop in the bucket.

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Better get to banning more bots then, plex prices are too low

Plex price fell due to the end of plex walling, plex walling ended due to change to broker fee’s.

It seems to me. that the plex price did not fall, it was rather set to certain level (3.5 million atm). If there would be real reason like ‘change to broker fee’s’ it would still be moving somewhere. It is stable since September. I think who ever ownes that market is happy with current price and keep holding it.

No the price was vreaking 4 and heading to 4.5, propped up by fake buy orders that have long fell through.

No more fake upward pressure due the min broker fee.

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