PLEX prices were finally going to a healthy level in game. Blackout removal news came, and PLEX prices are going stupid again

I am assuming it is the news that blackout is ending that is causing PLEX prices to spike again.

The traders expect with so many non-cash paying people rejoining the game, while cash paying members leave again, the price of plex will rise…


I thought as much. If the non cash paying nullsec grinders return, plex demand expected to rise.


Thats why people should stop buying plex until they fix Null.

Then the price will get so large that CCP might actually grow a brain…

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Brain isn’t the issue they don’t have spine


It’s more likely to be the traders who were panic dumping stock on low sell orders have just yanked their stacks back and are now actively stacking the price back up via buy orders in anticipation of a surge in PLEX demand. That swing was way too quick to be purely buyers driving demand, and people who trade purely in PLEX are the fastest to respond to announcements like this. Also you can tell when the buy orders are being pumped up by traders because they stack in obvious increments, where to be honest, a lot of normal players will just grab from sell orders to sub.

Also, that spike is really unlikely to be a surge of re-subs in that timeframe, given it was buried in a twitch stream. Granted, it’s plastered all over forums, but if people unsubbed in protest, it’s questionable whether they’ll spot it without a devblog, out of game mail, or formal announcement. Judging by comments so far, those who were annoyed enough to unsub did so over blackout and the cyno changes. They might hold for further developments on the latter.

People are unsubbing some accounts because keeping them online wasn’t worth the effort. When it becomes necessary to bot to stay competitive you will get problems. Much easier to drop half an hours wages on a sub for a month and not worry about money than to constantly chase the dragon of PLEX.


BLACKOUT has had no effect on PLEX prices dropping because everyone knew that this was just a temporary event from the start, there was never any indication this change was supposed to be permanent. Lots of people just wanted to wait it out rather than complain or try to experiment with it themselves.

So everyone abstains from spending their ISK on PLEX until after BLACKOUT where in the meantime the market traders have been hoarding their PLEX until just this moment to take advantage of the spike in purchases in game that would get inflation back on track.

PLEX prices are never healthy until the day it is no longer easier to buy them with ISK rather than paying actual money to CCP. (as controversial as that sounds).

Every average player knows it is a pain to try and grind to buy PLEX so they most likely pay for their subscriptions or buy PLEX from CCP to take advantage of increasing prices.

Unfortunately the average player is a minority because they have less accounts online than those who can pay for their PLEX with ISK earned from “game play”.

Inflation is just the standard when you can have a few dozen players with hundreds of accounts online at anytime all grinding to buy PLEX with ISK.


Now that they can online their bot fleets again it is just logical that they have to stock up on PLEX again.


Basically this and anyone saying otherwise is dead wrong.

they said blackout will stay to the end of the year, and it changed.
it will be fun as hell if ccp/pear abys dont make local as they say.
it will be so pear abys like :rofl:


I’m not a fan of purchasing plex because real money requires actual physical labor to earn or utilizing plex as it turns my recreation into a part-time job.
Having said that, if I should ever decide to use my real life money that requires actual physical labor to earn, I would most certainly want to convert my $50 into as much isk as possible.
Seems to me higher plex prices would be exactly what I would want, kinda a no brainer.
After all I care much more about the value of my real life money than make believe money in a video game. Long term effects on the fictitious economy of a video game means absolutely nothing to me.
My personal feelings on the matter are that plex should be entirely removed from the game along with alpha accounts after a 30 day trial period. Both of these in game “features” are a cancer and were never intended from the beginning.
Pay for your subscription just as you would a magazine and earn everything you acquire in the game. If real life money was not connected to anything in the game other than your subscription fee guess what you will never see again, botters, and throw away capital ships that can be easily replaced with a $20 bill. If you cannot afford the subscription fee you have no business playing a video game, you need to get a job.


PLEX was intended to kill RMT, all it did was give us botters and a ceiling for how much ISK could cost in real money.

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i think they made plex to earn more money and we can’t blame them - the company has to earn - but we should talk about bots - just because they banned so many bots now means they have tolerated bots for a long time for profit … high price of plexes = more sold plexes for people who want good money for real money is an easy but deadly business. And I think they killed the game with their own hands. And now desperate attempts to fix what they have spoiled themselves through strange treatments

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Meaning, the bots are back

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Hmm Salty tears of a reddit sperg.

Continue please.

Please let PLEX prices skyrocket. I want the non-subbing parasites to suffer.

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Also include selling Skill Injectors, those are a major factor in killing long term retention for this game

Gee I log intoday and loacal is not showing anyone in system lol guess they move the blackout to high sec now lol

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For once I completely agree with you.

PLEX clearly doesn’t work anymore for what it was once intended. It now even helps the bot farms to scale far bigger than ever before and so do alphas.