Would you still play EVE if you couldnt buy ISK for PLEX?

Just curious if youd still be playing eveonline if you couldnt buy ISK with PLEX.

I haven’t bought ISK with PLEX for 3-4 years now. Current in game income is more than enough to sustain my play across my accounts.

So yes. I’d still be playing.

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The question should be “would you still be playing if you couldn’t buy PLEX with ISK?”. ISK is easily acquired through in-game activity,

The current model where impatient players buy PLEX from CCP and exchange it for ISK to fund in-game projects and veteran players exchange ISK for PLEX to pay their subscription works very well.


Why should that be the question? Surely the OP knew what question he/she wanted to ask.


uhm i think both of you misunderstood the context of the question…

If you could not buy ISK with PLEX, that would mean you could not put PLEX on the in game market…

So you would not be able to buy PLEX with ISK either,
So SCipio, would you still play in taht case is the question?

Assuming the question means that you can’t buy/sell PLEX on the market with/for ISK.

It’s still only $132 USD for an entire year’s worth of a subscription. I can budget that into my gameplay. I’d probably have to spend a weekend or two figuring out where I’m going to invest my excess ISK into, if not PLEX, but yeah, I’d still play.

Yes, I don’t buy isk with plex (anymore)

Yes. I would.

I’ve never done that, will never do that, and thus it’s a yes.

though, I would likely lose an account because I do not want to pay for that directly with my own cash and instead PLEX it. If PLEX for ISK disappeared and no other way to sub accounts with ingame activity was introduced, I’d lose that account sub.

Never did, never would as ISK is easily gotten (for what I need at least).

PLEX for ISK more interesting…Probably not. I’d make Alpha work.

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Yes. Alpha is pretty cool

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Agreed ISK is easy to come by if you put some thought in (even for a lazy person like myself who also has little time for the game) OR you can put a lot of time and/or effort in and achieve the same, thus never bought nor plan to buy PLEX for RL $$$; though it might still be the best ISK/h ratio to have a few extra work hours each month grinding IRL than in-game, especially if you are new, so probably it is most useful to newer players to have this option than established ones.

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My only interaction with plex is as an investment (and from getting free AUR from ccp when they first made it).

Without it, id find something else to invest in or would just let my isk sit idle.

I don’t think either of us missed the context. The question is pretty straight forward.

See my previous answer. I haven’t somehow changed my world view in 4 hours.

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if you want people to take your commentary seriously change your F@#$3 name.

I think it’s kind of a silly question honestly. I mean the ability to sell PLEX for ISK and vice-versa has been in the game since at least '08 or '09?

To answer the question tho, if there was no Alpha then no, I’d probably not be playing.

Is it possible to change a character name now? Some folks have wanted that change for quite a while. If it is so, I must have missed that.

Evidently scat means;

  • “go away”
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One hopes Scat Lover there is referring to something other than poop with their character name…but whatever they wish…

Maybe just a typo and he actually is a Cat Lover :heart_eyes_cat: instead :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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No, it isn’t (yet).

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For sure I’d still play.

I’d also continue playing if F2P was removed. Or if WIS was put back on the table. Or if warp to zero was disabled. Or if EVE became Sub only and PLEX was entirely a bad dream that thankfully fell by the wayside. Or if the forums were changed back to ease of use for the players instead of the moderators. Or buying SP was gone.

And so much more.

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