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I know not all will agree but i have say game is getting out of hand mean 2.3 bil for ingame plex thats sorry just ridiculous mean you have give a reasonable goal for new or less skilled players too want play mean i played few years and i don’t have that kinda isk throw every month especially with all things going up cause of changes less isk per tics alot have just quit or said i play as alpha mean covid also around people not have money so like myself being laid off i cant spend 20 every month for game and tbh i should not have too it should be feasible like use be be able grind do things make a plex when was able make plex in game you can not tell me not sell plex at that time people always buy plex i do not feel this over priced ingame stuff make difference all makes is people say whats point play iff not even a chance make enough a month there is really no incentive even play hrs anymore why alot my members just said enough enough quit. I strongly encourage you take look at these things if want keep solid base as use be alot more played till all this started spiral out of control sometimes have step in mean crash market or whatever it like this not war eligible bs too not want be war decked stay in NPC like was now large groups hide in the and nothing we can do mean fighting part game also and kinda take it away unless go null LS or Wh which not everyone likes or wants do the not war eligible is bad idea period

Plex is alot cheaper now compared to the last 3 years.

No games other than EVE gives you the ability to use ingame money to pay for a month. So no… it should not be easy or simple to do so. It is because it is so easy now to make isk that Plex prices are so high.

Plex prices is player controlled, you are also not a new player so maybe post in the right part of of the forums.

Actually, one month’s worth of Plex is actually about 1.1bil (2.2mil each), which is quite reasonable. If you only make 100mil isk an hour, you could grind that out in 11 hours. That comes out to about 2.5 hours a week, which I don’t think is particularly burdensome.

Of course, newbros making like 10 mil an hour would find plexing their accounts to be a daunting task, but they can either play as alphas or pony up for a sub until they figure out how to raise their isk efficiency. So, I’m not sure how you think this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I mean, people have two ways to play the game for free, and plex prices are currently quite reasonable. So, I dunno. Maybe you might want to start looking into ways to increase your isk efficiency if you think it’s a problem.

Why should you be entitled to easy omega every month from the get go? CCP has to make money somehow and your personal issues aren’t their problem.

It is much cheaper to sub than to use plex for a sub anyway. $14.95 per month at the most expensive 1 month tier.

If you are laid off and $14.95 is beyond the breaking point, instead of making eve your job probably better to work on getting a job which would not only help you IRL, but would make paying the small sub fee negligible.

In the meantime you can always play for free as an alpha.


The level of entitlement that’s just dripping from this OP… You know you can play for free as an Alpha, right? And not worry about the monthly PLEX?

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