Would you still play EVE if you couldnt buy ISK for PLEX?

Unfortunately the OP is a moron and knows less than you would believe - including, but not limited to, what words he says.

I dont NEED plex but the game does.

Yes, I would still play. But it’s really a silly question. Eve was one of, if not the first game to offer this type of currency. Eve and plex go together like pb&j.

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Yes as I have always paid for my sub (I do the annual one) and I make enough isk that I don’t need to sell plex.

I never bought ISK or PLEX.

Is this some kind of trick question?

Short answer, yes, I would play the game if I had to pay for my subscriptions but probably not with so many.

Wait a second, how would I get isk then?

It’s both a question and an accusation, so yes, I would say so.

Less pay to win? I’d play a lot more.


No señor.

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