Advice on invenstments

So I have about 12 bil liquid capital and am at a point where i’d rather not PVE to make my ISK. I am considering other sources of income and come here to ask what, in your opinion, would be an avenue to learn and invest in that would generate ISK. Thank’s for your input =)

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PI and SP farming make a lot of isk passively
So does industry/reactions
All of these are 100% passive, maybe check once a week

Buy low, sell high. Doesn’t matter if it’s tritanium or Alliance Tournament ships.

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Produce cheap, sell high.

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Give loans to people.

Ask for full collateral. Rake in 2-3 % a month for doing nothing.

Almost like offering critiques the forums. Except you’re not making 2-3%

But the mental satisfaction is enormous.

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