Best ISK method for HIGH capital


I used to make about 10bill/week doing character trading on the Character Bazaar Market. With about 2-5 trades/week with about 2-5billisk profit per trade. On my best week I made 20billion isk without even logging in aha.

Unfortunately, ever since CCP introduced Skill Extractors/Injectors, the character trade market is 150% completely dead in the water. Every single ISK I’ve ever made in eve came from a source that is now completely obsolete.

I’ve spent the past year spending my isk in wonderful ways such as losing 8bill isk Ortheruses every week.

But now I only have 150billion liquid isk left in my bank account :frowning:

Before I run out of isk, I need to find a new method to make ISK since mine is forever gone…

Ive tried market trading, but its too hard to keep updating buy orders and I only make like 70million isk on a 1billion isk trit order (which takes a while to fill).

Defiantly not going back to ratting, don’t have any pull for moon mining.

Whats a good private way to make ISK that I can put my 150billion isk into?

Commodity trading is pre much all I can think of :sadparrot:

I think you will struggle to make 4-20Bil per week with anything other than Supper Carrier ratting or trading.

If you have a couple of people to run with and a WH with a Static C5 you can make 4-600mil/H (excluding setup so its lower really) running Anom/Drifter. Paladin in a C4 can make 3-400 Mil/H and a couple of T3, HACs, Snakes can make 300mil/H in a C3 . Incursions and mission blitzing can make around 200Mil/H. PI in a WH/NS with a bunch of Toons can make several Bil / month.

3.5b/week @ 7 hours per week building/selling only T1.

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Manufacturing, even outside capitals/supercapitals, can net you surprisingly large amounts of money if you know what to produce and where to produce and sell. But the downside is that you have to constantly keep yourself up to date with the profitable venues.

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Can you say something more how achieve this?

Unlikely someone will tell you trade secrets here. The profitable products and markets are profitable only because not many people know about the opportunities. I have a dozen regular cash cows, and I know if it gets popular what I’m doing, they will die from overfeeding. Watching the market, and a lot of research gets you there …


I use this piece of software:

Back in its day it was easily the most sophisticated build/sell tool available. Today, it still makes me competitive (or at least acceptably profitable) for a soloist.

The author left Eve nearly 17 months ago but left the code on GitHub. With the help of a friend, I was able to get it running locally. It has not been updated to use EC’s (and I don’t have the programming skill to do so.)

This means I build in NPC, sell in major trade hub, and buy offshore. Even so, since August 2016 my net profit margin is 18.92% building and selling only T1 items. Is that margin the best available? Almost certainly not but the simplicity of my operation is stunning.

Each day I know exactly what to build and what to sell it for based on net profit AND movement. Likewise, its “materials report” tells me each day how many materials to buy (and what price to pay) to keep my raw materials inventory at nearly perfect levels. Its “Market Research” report shows me what I might consider adding to my line of products.

The tool by SJ Astralana is a programmatic work of art.

If you know C#, .NET, and SQL, it could be worth your time.


This is a remarkable value for NPC station T1 production, what are you building? … just kidding :wink:

BTW, this is the tool I’m using most of the time: But also ingame simulation is nice.


I have nothing to compare that to except a reference I once saw of and New Eden-wide average of 15%.

The “magic” is, as you note, knowing what to build and when by taking into account cost, price, movement and number of competitors for a given item. Every day I run EPM and I usually get a different set of “build this”

For many items I build in 21 hour sets for the convenience of it.

I build rigs, modules, a large handful of ships, some advanced commodities, standup pieces/parts…all over the place.

In practical terms, it means the game is brain-dead simple for me, but I’m still enjoying it.

I simply re-mention the tool again here because of the brilliance of it.

To be fair, have not looked at any of the other tools since I began using eve production manager sometime in mid 2015.


I would LOVE to move my operations to an EC but I lack the coding knowledge to do so and I am content with a 16% to 18% margin, year-on-year. Were I to abandon this software, my profit would tank in a morass of "what materials do I need and at what price? What’s profitable to build now?’

As SJ Astralana predicted in one of my last interactions with him. “EPM will likely keep you at lest moderatly competitive with those using ECs.”

He was correct.

Depends, if you choose a matching set of public complexes you “just” need less materials and you can produce significantly more in the same time. If you buy material via buy orders in bulk and not per job, there should be no major problem with the logistics. However you need to be a bit more flexible in regards of “unreliable” owners.

I’m exclusively producing out of public ECs, had to shift production a couple of times, but no major loss, and the current setup looks quite stable.

ah but there’s the thing, I have the best of both worlds: I am able to blend, conceptually, “buy in bulk” and “just-in-time” with the ability to fine-tune the algorithm so that I always have just a bit more than I need to complete the jobs that it’s gonna say to build…it maximizes available cash flow…less money sitting on the sidelines waiting for something profitable to spend it on, and less inventory waiting for something to do or insufficient inventory to do what is most profitable to do.

@KenFlorian Any chance you could send me that updated software?

If you or Ken manage to get a set of updated installation instructions put out, that would be greatly appreciated!

Mining, Industry, freighting and buy/sell orders in null, Pvp, randsoming, start a corp, drugs, moon mining, mercenary work. lp farming, so many options

I’ve been playing EVE since 2006, and routinely make a billion ISK a day.

I’m happy to tell you how for 1 billion ISK.


Let me guess, …you routinely tell at least one person per day?


I’m afraid my methods of making isn’t as lucitive as your previous method was or perhaps some of the other players in eve.
My method makes around 10-15 billion a month and requires science and some implants. Invest into super BPOs. Or perhaps a Titan BPO (Avatar) makes roughtly 5-6 billion!! Changes with the market, bare in mind, buy a load of capital components BPOs and sell the copies.

It’s semi passive, not a lot of micro managements. However, you’ll need about 4-6 science research toons which will only require a few million SP.
Find a good research citadel.
End of the month put your BPCs onto contracts on the Jita market or sell on the forums.

This is my way of making isk, it fits my currently life style, only requires 1 hour a month and a few post on the forums.
Hope you find a new way to make isk that suits you!

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To clarify, you are selling 10/20 BPCs? Or are you selling the researched BPOs? You say you make 5-6 billion on Titan BPO - would that be the money made by selling numerous BPCs over the course of a month, or is that the money made selling one researched BPO?

Also, buying super BPOs must be pretty expensive. Any idea the amount of capital you need to start this up?