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Just curious at how the people in the character bazaar and marketplace get like 200bil to spend. Also saw this guy in character bazaar spend like 50bil a week. How do they do this? It took me almost a month to get 6 bil to buy a char.

Some people have been playing the game for 15 years - do the math! There are also players who are happy to use real world money to avoid the time required to train a character in the normal way.

Last, but not least, there are skill traders who will simply extract that 200 bil character and sell the injectors. This seems to be an insatiable market. I have a couple of accounts where the characters are fully trained for the jobs I want them to do and use those skill queues to make injectors - the handful I put on the market each month sell instantly and easily pay the subscription cost for the accounts.

There are also people who AFK Rorqual mine on 15 accounts 24/7. ISK is just a formality for those dudes.

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Rorq mining is great isk phr if you look just at the mining. 2bn ISK phr on 64’'s. Great do you think you’ll just find such a moon and keep it with zero effort?

You are either spending time defending your asset or renting. You then got to sell that moon goo so you got transport costs or alliance buy back marginn. Then you got the Rorq themselves and unless you are living under super caps they could die making your exploit a negative ISK venture.

The best grind in the game currently is level 5 missions which due to glamorx 75’'s is 1 bill hr. You only need 2 accounts and 2 t1 carriers. You don’t need to maintain standing with any players or have a bat phone on stand by. You get the npc standing then bang 1bn hr 24/7 with cheap low skill chars.

Sad thing is I can’t multibox so all those great methods you listed won’t be available to me :frowning:

Who said anything about moon mining? Just doing standard anomaly mining in Rorquals yields plenty of ISK, and scales almost infinitely, as there is very little input required. Just got to pick an area with strong support. (Like Delve.)

But yea, of course there are more profitable active activities you can pick.

I make around 100 mill an hour with my rorqual. x4. I know, not a lot of accounts, but its enough for me.

That was a terrific read, thank you

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