Took 10years off... whats the best way to make isk

Basically as the title says… I’m coming back after a substantial break have no idea what the game is like any more but I sure aint paying $45 a month to play… what’s currently the best way to print isk

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The best way to print isk is to farm the hell out of what you like to do and what you have skills for. Anything in eve can make you money if you concentrate on that task.

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Thanks, i have like 3 different accounts with miner, builders, trade/science. Basically maxed from what i remember.

If they are really “maxed”, then the best way to make ISK is to skill farm. Extract he SP they train each month, sell it on the market and buy PLEX. If you stay perfectly mapped and in a clone with +5 learning implants, you’ll even make a little ISK, but even not, you will just need to find a couple hundred million ISK each month to keep them all subbed.

They won’t progress with skills, but you can basically play all of them as Omega clones for free and not worry about the ISK grind.


I’d say if you live in null or WH. PI is the easiest passive income. Just set it and forget for a week. Industry is too involved in my opinion. You can always run and blitz combat sites too.

Why are you kidding? Only recently has it begun to bring very small profits. And most of the year it was unprofitable. And such a farm is a lot of boring work and big investments that barely pay off.

I am surprised that farms still remain. Most likely they exist only because someone believes in similar tales. It is absolutely unprofitable and even harmful. Instead of enjoying the game, a person first invests a lot and then for hours go in and out of accounts. During the time that the farmer spends, thousands of missions can be done.

It is much better and more reliable to make level 4 abysses or level 4-5 missions. Expeditions. You can scan, but it’s not for everybody.

Come now. Selling of your SP you don’t need is by far the most efficient way to get three Omega accounts up and running. No, it isn’t going to make you passively rich anymore, but it totally solves the desire of the OP not to pay out-of-pocket for three accounts.

He can just sell off his monthly trained SP and play for free. For a veteran who doesn’t need more SP, it is by far the most efficient way to get an Omega account. Way, way, way more efficient than grinding 5B ISK from Abyssals or L4 missions.


Granted i said i would like to not pay mkney for 3 subs each month, getting rich never hurt

You don’t have to pay anything, just use ur accounts as alpha level to start with, get back into it and work out what u enjoy most before subbing. Is what I would do in ur position.

I cant use my accounts as alpha lol im missing like 95m sp jn alpha. I just bought plex for the accounts with the isk i had in the wallet.

Was living in WH space before so isk wasnt an issue but i aint got that kind of time these days so PI might be the way to go… unless someone needs a super/titan builder in their nullsec tribe :rofl:


Well, yes, I didn’t answer your question. Use skill farming to subsidize your account, especially for the 2nd and third accounts. But to make ISK? The best ways are probably similar as always. Ways to get rich include:

  1. Trading (takes some capital)
  2. Various Industry (takes some capital)
  3. Power farming:
    a) multiboxing Rorqs or ratters in nullsec
    b) high-class wormhole farming
    c) optimize running high tier Abyssal sites
    d) Incursions/Invasion fleets - maybe?

Then there are the less lucrative but still ok activities like multiboxed moon/ice mining or running L4 and burner missions, exploration, or PI. Maybe FW LP farming.

It really depends on what you like. There probably is no magic ISK printing method, and if there is one no one is going to tell it to you here. Maybe look for a corp that does what you liked to do 10 years ago and get them to ease you back into the game.

But my main point does remain - use SP farming to get access to all your alts and their previously trained skills. It will increase your income no matter what you do, and with little downside.

U can have a lot of fun with an alpha account. RL means I don’t always have the time so I drop sub for a while, then I can dip in when I can without caring about getting value from the sub. Then resub/plex when u feel like it.

But if you want passive income that will plex for you then good luck.

Yeah sounds like the same ■■■■ that was profitable back in the day, thanks for the input. Just wanted to make sure there wasnt some other things introduced to the game since i stepped away.

Just look at high-tier Abyssal and the other new Triglavian content (emerging conduits; Invasion). That is new. The rest has evolved, but is basically the same.

The truest answer OP…


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Abyssals Tier 5 - biggest CCP trap. A lot of money is lost while the pilot is studying. I’m not sure that there are pilots who have a total income more losses. May be very few of pilots. Only 4 level. And after many workouts on a test server. And the rest of the new Triglavian content mostly brings very little money.

I heard the the highest isk/hr is running combat sites in high-class wormholes in a capital ship. Apparently you can make over 1b isk/hr.

Yeah sounds about the same as it used to be. Shield Nag could almost solo farm c5 sites if i remember correctly

Took me few years to join the trillionaire’s club, so very much correct.

with all these “free SP” events they should be

also… every skill farmer account can do bpo research… and planetary ■■■■…