Best way to make isk with disposable income without ever PVEing

im thinking about buying the $249 plex package and starting 3 char that will do nothing but skill trade as i want to PVP, but i dont want to PVE (or worry about punctuation or spelling lol) so im willing to throw a little cash at it every couple of months. Is this a sustainable plan or do I need the 500 dollar package every couple of months…

:thinking: Ok, I’ll play along.

Well, not entirely sure where you are coming from, but judging from your killboard you lose one 5M ISK Atron every 5 years. So, given the $250 PLEX package gives you about 20B ISK, you should be good for… 20,000 years or so.

Now, let’s assume you plan to lose a few more Atrons, your 20B ISK is essentially an infinite amount of T1 frigates (well I guess 4000 isn’t infinite, but it is more than you will lose in many years unless you play Eve every waking moment). However, 20B ISK is also just a dozen bling fit T3 cruisers or Marauders or Carriers so it really depends on your PvP tastes and style.

The real answer to your humble brag is you can support your PvP losses for a very long time with 20B ISK. I’m not sure what you plan to do with skill farming as while it is a viable way to run an Omega account for free that you don’t need to train more skills on, it isn’t a very lucrative way to make ISK any more. At least run the numbers before you bother with it.

But sure, you’re good to go with your plan. Have at it!



why bother with skill trading? just spend the money and make it simpler

Pretty much what Clenis (and Black Pedro) said. Skill farming is a big hassle that is not worth it except at huge scales.

goal is to learn more pvp without having to grind isk for it right now im ust goofing off debating on what path to take . ill buy year subs for me and my alt then split the 3 char to train up and feed my main and alt skill points and sell half. if that makes any sense i cant decided on best way to make isk tho my thought was buying 14k plex looks to be around 38 bill isk. selling half for pvp an rest for the 3 alts to get them going then eventually another 250 in like 4 months or so at that time ill be up to battlecruisers i hope lol while the whole time never doing a lvl 4 or 0.0. ratting or sanctums or hubs or exploration well ill still bait those guys.

You’re better off just investing in a single Omega account, training up a dedicated PvP pilot and using the 38 billion isk to buy ships to practice PvP with.

If you postpone actually learning how to PvP until you’ve got your skill farm set up and profitable, it’ll have already been 2ish+ months and even then you’d barely be making a profit.

my main has 90m sp and my alt has 70mill those will be the accounts i do the pvp on. the 3 accounts i would set up would be strictly skill farming

CCP has done a good job of removing almost all of the truly passive income opportunities in this game. If you insist on skillpoint farming, you will have to spend time managing and planning, buying extractors, selling injectors. It seems simple, but everything takes time and energy. Then at the end of all that, you have a puny profit.

Then just spend the 38b isk on ships for those two?

Have you done the math on how long it’s going to take you make 38b in profits off skill farming versus just using the 38b you’ve already got?

no i just came here to spitball the idea but it seeemsed failed so i should just spend the 250 every 4 months [r so to avoid work and just have fun. ill just train up my titan skills on main and train up support for alt

Some people manage to get Planetary Interaction to produce decent semi-passive isk. I don’t know much about it, but people seem to be a lot happier with that compared to skill farming.

If you are playing eve just to make isk you should not be spending a cent IRL $, defeats the purpose.

Plexing accounts in EVE is very easy, skill farming was one method to do so but is a scrub activity now.

Obtaining starting capital on low sp chars can take a week or two of heavy pvp or pve grinding but at the end of week 2 you should have a few bn to set up a good market buy sell to make you no longer isk dependent. Log in once every few days for 15min to update orders and just watch isk flood in.

You only need to plex & update long sale market chars once every 90 days as the full order list lives longer than omega by 60 days but you get what 300 market orders per account on your main anyway.

the lies in this forum used to be better


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