Change BPO for copying only and copying them reduces its durability by 1% each time. 0 durability and the BPO is destroyed.

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Hard no. BPOs are already a serious resource sink to research up to max efficiency, especially for more valuable products (since research costs are pegged on market value of the output T1 item). Turning them into an un-researchable consumable would spit in the face of all the corps that have spent literal years researching BPOs and building their libraries.

First time posting for something like this reeks of trolling.


Looks like a returning “solo” industrialist with their mini corp of alts wanting to wreck peoples work so “They have an equal chance”

:red_circle: This would be a perfect addition to CCP’s recent focus on creating more frustrating busywork instead of enjoyable gameplay features.

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Since it’s not obvious, you should explain how this idea makes the game better.

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Awesome idea. clearly more more destruction! eliminate T2 BPOs too.

you are is not entitled to have it at max.

I didn’t say anyone was entitled. I said they are already a resource sink, which would be the only purpose of making BPOs destructible - and that switching them would be unfair to people who have put the time and money into BPOs under the existing rules. How exactly would converting work for the literally billions of isk and SP, and thousands of hours of industry slots, sunk into research by people who cared enough to not take 5 year breaks and actually develop their BPO libraries?

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CCP had no problems with the nerfing of the Rorquals and with the nerfing of the Supers, why here suddenly so sensitive.
But it is not my idea, I just mean, destruction is good?


I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, but here’s my take:

Even if you think more destruction is good, that doesn’t mean that it’s always good under all circumstances. Do you like losing ships to DC’s? What about losing ships to exploits and cheaters, or stealth changes to content. Do you think it’s a good idea for career agents to send newbros into invaded systems where they get instablapped by trig gate camps? Yes, we like playing a brutal, PvP-centric game with a harsh death mechanic, but that doesn’t mean we want our losses to feel cheap or onerous (or designed to make us spend money).

Yes, nerfs feel terrible, but they sometimes are the best ways to solve problems. Now, you may disagree on whether or not a particular nerfed fixed a problem, or whether it was the best solution to the problem, but the Rorq, Fax, HAW, and resist nerfs were designed with a purpose in mind. So, what does this change hope to achieve? How would it make the game better? Will it do anything other than piss off a bunch of veteran industrialists and raise prices? Hell, OP didn’t even bother to explain why he thought it might be good for the game. He just left it here for me to find… like a booger on a handrail.

Also, what do you mean “suddenly” sensitive? People have bitched and moaned about every nerf.

Anyway, here’s an interesting video about nerfs and buffs.

It’s not destruction though. It’s and additional isk and time sink. But it doesn’t consume any extra materials.

I’ll just make a million copies of every bpo i have too.

Really depends what OP is trying to achieve.

Except you won’t be able to once OP’s idea is implemented.
Basically a BPO is just a glorified BPC in their world.

Someone with T2 BPO: Anything that removes my monopoly is bad, k?

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