Why is there a demand for fully researched BPOs?

Since BPOs are unlimited, and EVE is now 18 years old, how is there still a demand? Are BPO’s getting destroyed in ships often enough for a perpetual demand for them?

Sorry if its a dumb question or I am missing something.

It takes time to fully research them. A 10/20 BS BPO is months of research. Capital parts are even worse and even cruisers are weeks of research.

It’s a good question: “why haven’t all the BPOs necessary to build things been researched yet in the 18 years of EVE?”

I suppose there are multiple reasons for such a steady demand for BPOs after all thos years:

  • new players wanting to get into industry who want their own BPOs
  • players expanding with extra BPOs to run multiple jobs simultaneously
  • ships and structures containing BPOs being blown up and loot fairy saying ‘no’
  • new BPOs due to industry changes that haven’t been around for all those years yet
  • probably more that I didn’t think of
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Many BPO’s vanish as players go inactive, they do not often get sold on when an industrialist leaves, as they don’t want to give up all that work in case they ever come back, as starting from scratch a second time on a BPO collection is unappealing.

in addition to Nevyn’s comment, you also have to take into consideration banned player accounts too. I remember one guy from the past who had almost all of the T2 cloak and cargo expander bpo’s which happened not too long after the last lotto was banned for RMT. I doubt he was the first and most definitely wasn’t the last.

or bpos destroyed in a KM.

also, getting all bpos require … a LOT of time.
I have several bpos that are being researched in stations, that require each above one year to research. not even talking about the isk cost of researching.

As some said, the main raison IMHO is inactive players will a lot of researched BPO stored in stations.
So new players will always need BPO.

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