[SERVICE] BPO Research and More!

Do you have a stack of BPOs that you want researched but you don’t have spaceforce of research alts?

Do you have a BPO that will take literally for ever to research but don’t want to take up slots you use for other projects (copy, invention, ect…)?

Would you like to buy already researched BPOs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me and my spaceforce of researchers see how we can be of service. You can reply to this thread or evemail me in game to setup a mutually beneficial business arrangement today!

Check my in game bio for what is currently for sale!

I assume you paying the proper collateral?

I can pay collateral.

i need bpc’s for freighters if you can do it i’d liek to know what you charge for freighter copies

In the future, don’t have the funding for freighter BPOs quite yet.

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