I want to research my own PBOs and need instruction

I am concerned with the risk of researching BPOs in a player owned station like a Sotiya. Should I only research in a npc station like in Jita or am I expected to research them in a corp owned station for some significant bonuses (like faster time, cheaper cost)?

Also, can people setup player owned stations like a Sotiya in high sec for BPO research and what is the risk to that.

On a website EVE-Cost - Research Calculator, I am not sure if the data is up to date. But it says that researching a Thanatos to ME 10 and TE 20 takes 3 years. Is that in any station or just like a corp owned station in null with upgrades for research, where my BPOs are at risk if the station is destroyed.

Also, I am having trouble finding this information on the web. Can anybody recommend to me a website that’s up to date that can guide me through the process of building my own blueprint original collection? I could really use some instruction in what to do, and how to do it.

I salute any who help me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sotiyos can no longer be deployed in hisec. The smaller structures can still be anchored and rigged for research.

The time benefits of using a player owned structure over an npc station are considerable. Perhaps look into joining a Corp with a solid industry wing and use those structures.

You might want to look into buying a set of fully researched capital parts bpos. They’re not cheap, but will save you a lot of time. You can also buy bpc packs for most capital ships at a reasonable price if you’re only planning on building a few.

If you’re planning on going into full capital production, then it can be a worthwhile investment.

One thing to note is that Alpha characters have one research slot. So you can make as many Alpha pilots as you need to have as many research slots as you desire.

Fully researching bpos is a very time consuming process, especially for capital ships. It’s always been this way.

Blueprints can go to asset safety.
I don’t know if they go to asset safety if the structure is destroyed mid-job.
Use Bantam Blueprint or Bantam Blueprint - EVEMarketer to check prices. BPOs are sold by npc orders. There are usually more than one at an identical price in the same region with a high quantity.
Ammo, MTU’s, propulsion, tank, ewar modules are some stuff you can look at if you are thinking about seeding a market.
Try to avoid transporting your blueprints, prefer to copy at your research HQ then transport the BPC to build elsewhere.
Use alt accounts for additional research jobs.
You can compare the benefits (both reduced time and cost) of player structures in alt-s, Facilities tab, hover the six icon columns

Do your social networking. Reach out to the hub owners. Get a pulse of how safe it is. Network with them. Know what is going on in the region. Any wardec corps nearby? Pirates? Gankers?

If the hub owners don’t tell you it’s safe there take your business elsewhere. If I was a hub owner, I would ofc tell you the station is strongly defended.


A different portion of this site was linked above, but i wanted to put this here as well. It allows you to select any blueprint, then you can enter the info regarding the system, structure you’re using, it’s rigs, etc. And in the “time calculations” section it will tell you how long it will take to go from 0->10 and 0->20 for time and material efficiency.

As for using player owned freeports, i have used them in the past, and not had any issue. That being said it was for very cheap bpos, with relatively short research times (a few days to a week maybe) and i was pretty sure the structure would still be there when it was finished. For more expensive ones or longer research queues that’s up to you if you are ok with the risk that it might not be there at the end, and that paranoia is good in EVE for many situations, not just in indy.


In the “how long it takes” section of this article you’ll notice that all BPO’s have a “rank”, essentially a multiplier for how long they take to research. As far as I’m aware this is an up to date list, and yes some BPO’s take a crazy long time to get to a “perfect” 10/20, though you can still certainly make things and make them at a profit by using BPO’s that are not fully researched, so don’t let that stop you from using a 7/12 or something like that to make something instead of waiting an extra 4-5 weeks to use 1000 less tritanium and finish 2 hours quicker.

The only truly “safe place” for a bpo collection to be is inside a permanent NPC station. A quick google or forum search will yield many stories of people losing insane amount of BPO’s to structures going abandoned and getting blown up, or transporting large collections in ships and losing them to ganks or other pvp.

And since it was mentioned above doing indy as an alpha is very limited, alpha’s get a single research slot, while an omega can have as many as 10. Also only omega accounts can research certain BPO’s (rigs for example) so if you want to get a rig BPO that has modified ME/TE you will either need to be omega to research it yourself, or buy one that has been researched already from contracts.


If you want to start a production business because you have good access to the materials for building things in the area where you live, don’t waste your time with researching BPOs, unless the research times are very short (like a month or two…). For Ships, Capitals, Structures, just buy perfectly researched BPOs from the contracts market. Then use your science slots for copying them, so you can mass-build from the copies instead from the single-BPOs.

Yes, they are sometimes double the price of unresearched ones, but you save YEARS of research time in which they generate profit for you. And as long as you don’t lose them, the money invested in them is not lost, they keep their value and you can re-sell them if you stop your production business at some day basically without loss (if you don’t need to do a firesale).

Sometimes you have whole packs of BPOs offered here at the forums in the market section from people who stop their business and sell their assets.

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If you plan on collecting and researching a full-ish set of T1 0/0 originals, get ready to invest years of time and a couple hundred billion isk.

Assets like that are best kept together, safe. Have seen more than one player ragequit over the years after losing the bpo library they spent like 7 years building because they thought they were safe to move it. You really don’t want to be moving them around, like ever.

I have spent years researching in both stations and structures, there are positives and negatives to both. You WILL lose your own structures eventually and need to be able to react quickly in the event of a war dec (they are a liability if you are not online daily,) but 5-10b for structures compared to the value of your bpo library is negligible and the bonuses are nice. May stand for 1 month or 1 year depending on where you put it but eventually some highsec wardeccing group will remove them.

Now that I’m mostly finished researching I have kept mine in a highsec station with low indexes for the last number of years where I can make all the copies I need and then promptly put them on my JF or DST for transport to my home station. Easy and secure.

If you trust your null friends/living situation then go ahead and keep your prints in null but if you do anything other than keep them in an npc station don’t complain when you lose them.


Operating an Upwell structure solo is suicidal. Even for a small corp I wouldn’t recommend one. I guarantee someone will be along shortly to collect that Quantum Core you left floating in space!

I’ve lost all my structures. I also lost count at around 20 or so Upwell … and none of those even had a Quantum Core! I no longer use my own Upwell, as I don’t have any left without cores.

For most things, find a player-owned Upwell, and use it. Jobs up to 90 days should be okay.

Make sure to login daily, and check the owning corp for wardecs. If you miss a day, I guarantee that will be the day the structure is attacked, and all your assets will end-up in asset safety, and you’ll have to pay 15% to retrieve them. If the ownign corp has a wardec, cancel all your jobs and evac immediately.

Don’t use a corporate office, as the structure owner can change the rental cost. If you don’t pay, your assets are impounded, which is NOT the same as asset safety! You can’t get impounded items back without docking rights, and paying the impound fee (50% of the rental fee) or renting an office (all impounded items will be moved to the first corp hangar in the new office).

For big ticket BPO, use a NPC station. This is slow and costly, but safe. I have supercarrier BPO jobs that should be finished in about 2 years :ugh: Most of the cost is in index and SCC tax, and can be billions now (“thanks” CCP! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

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