BPOs from exploration?

I’m new to New Eden and I generally like to have a self suffiency approach where I gather resources and build my own equipment and I’m wondering where one can attain blueprints outside of buying them on the market?

I’m tackling missions right now building up my loyalty point reserve but I’d like to get my hands on some originals.

Thanks for your insight it is appreciated.

You can try and kill shuttles travelling between null and high sec. Sooner or later you might get lucky and get one with a blueprint in it. Smart bomb gate camps are a good way of catching shuttles.

Thanks for the tip but it really doesn’t fit my playstyle, not that I’m against PVP.

Then for BPOs you are left with the market. You can get some BPCs through exploration.

You buy the BPO from NPCs, which a form of PVE.

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