Freighters and components BPO's

Hi guys!

I am fairly new to the industry gameplay and i was making my research on where to get bpo’s for freighters and their components, however I couldn’t find any info on how to acquire those apart from buying them from contracts.

is there any way to farm those?

If yes could you please describe where and how to get those!

Thanks a lot!


There’s no shortage of these blueprints and all should be found at least in Jita via the market. The components required to build them are standard and also available.

BPOs are going to be expensive. However, copies are somewhat cheaper and can be found only in contracts.


Thanks a lot!

To add to this, look closely and you will often find “kits” that contain all of the BPCs that you need to build a ship. Double check them, but these can be really handy and reasonably priced.

Standard freighters require 4 components - Armor Plates, Cargo Bay, Construction Parts and Propulsion Engine in addition to the Hull. BPOs are seeded at NPC stations throughout empire space. Prices are roughly 1.5 billion ISK each and it will take 6 months at a bonused facility to research them to a competitive ME/TE level. You can buy researched BPO’s on contract at somewhat higher prices.

If you want to build freighters, BPCs are available on contract and, as already mentioned, you can also buy BPC kits for convenience. To build freighters profitably you’ll need access to a lowsec engineering complex with a Thukker Capital Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig which gives a 7% material efficiency bonus. If you’re building in highsec, it may be cheaper to buy the components than it is to build them.

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Bit late like but eve-marketdata shows NPC sell orders for every BPO out there.

I am interested in this I just went through the painful process of locking down 600+ BPO’s for corp use I haven’t tried unlocking them yet so this has spiked my interest somewhat, Will report back in 24 hours, most likely with a similar result it seems


Same here so has anyone got a resolve for this has ccp made any comment? @CCP_Falcon could you forward on to the right team please?

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