How to get blueprints in null?


I’ve recently moved from one null region to another (cobalt edge) and am finding very few contracts for some basic T1 blueprints (ammo, ships and modules) e.g. vexors or typhoon + missiles for example).

Ideally I want a bunch of blueprints to cover some of the basic ships i fly (frig up to BS) to rat and mess about as it’s tough to buy replacements without lots of station jumping and bubble avoiding.

Black frog charge almost a billion to move my BP’s from high sec.

I don’t have a JF pilot.

My corp isn’t very active and the guys online and wider alliance have been unable to help (I’ve messaged the trade channel a few times to no success).

What do you guys in null do to keep a stream of T1 BP’s coming in? Do you go high sec and run back in a cloaky or just a shuttle at a quiet time?

PL are always camping my route into null and war decs mean high-sec is a dangerous place for me. Only the other day, stupidly lost half a bill near jita lol

Any ideas would be appreciated. Tempted to train one of my alts as an JF pilot tbh…

Cheers o7

If you get in any DECENT alliance, even mine, where we are 300, you have a logi system.
If you don’t have any, leave these peasants

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He’s a bloody HKI renter. There is no logistics service for them except for in their own corps.

Just grab a ceptor, fit it properly, and bring them in. Or use a WH to skip the long null sec travel.


You can use an alt to bring the stuff to the high sec system with the wormohle to avoid war decs. Contract or trade it to your null sec character and off you go, back through the hole to your home.


ceptor. Place a clone in Jita, where you can buy a ceptor and the bunch of BPOs you need, then go back to your place. That’s very easy, almost risk-free.


Alt for high sec, nullified cloaky T3 cruiser for the rest of the way. I have my own collection of T1 BPO I need so I do my own BPC and do not need to go to Jita every time. Which I find also handy.

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Lol. I always respect a man with a strong opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into the ceptor option nd test out the effort.

Good idea but having spent a year in a wh solo with a couple alts I can’t stand the thought of scanning down holes tbh. Perhaps I should get over it lol

Good plan. I’ve already a jump clone and a few alts in jita so will give this a shot

Sounds awesome. I’m planning to pick up BP s for as many core modules, ammo and ships that I use regularly. This will enable me to be tech 1 self sufficient.

I pay black frog when it’s available Corp jf pilot grabs it from low sec pay push to move from jita to low sec beforehand.
I hate probing but i probe daily and every new sig popping up during the day any direct holes I use to move ■■■■ out such as valuable loot any j space hole I roll without probing inside it

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use EVE scout
I think they have a wormhole connections to X place


tbh it may be the more risky option, but for me… Id fly an interceptor fit for travel and call it a thirty min operation getting into the area you need to be in with your bp…

I know most will say that is a terrible idea, and i agree… its a small ship, one mistake and a gate camp can end your isk investment right there… BUT… if you are aggressive like me, you simply wont let that ■■■■ happen.

outsmart them… use intel, use a scout, and trail the second ceptor behind the scout as he brings your assets into null. dont stop, dont afk, dont autopilot, warp gate to gate and you will be much happier doing your own. me thinks… Its how I move small stuff around… beats paying for a JF or moving ■■■■ in a slow ass ship… ceptors can warp in under 2 seconds… bubble nullified… besides a smart bombing bas on the out gate, youd be set with a scout. a t1 frig with a mwd will work for a scout, fit a cloak on him and TAKE YOUR TIME if there are locals or ships on d scan. usually, if you get a camp, log or cloak up and wait a few hours, come back, they be gone…

Useful resource, thanks

Definitely sensible, however, I don’t currently have two active accounts and since the omega change I can’t log in on two at the same time which sucks. Therefore I have no scout unless I did a few jumps on scout then logged off, switched accounts etc.

The point around business and camps. I will attempt the run at an u sociable hour, perhaps early morning if I can work out a quiet time for EU and USA players alike. Assuming any organised camps would be weekday evenings for people.

I will not be running without a scout though.

Join a non-■■■■ corp/alliance so you can get a buddy to scout you? Or even transport them for you?

Not sure if anyone suggested this but you could use Thera to shave off a few dozen jumps and haul them out youself in an astero.

This website shows where Thera is currently open


If the value is under 5b, have a corpmate in an interceptor and clean pod scout for you. You follow behind in an instawarp interceptor.

Over 5b, PLEX another account and be the scout yourself.

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Id avoid thera if you have valuables… unless you know its quite and empty, usually there is some aggressive pvp action in there. Thera is a great way to get access to wh chains its just you need to be careful there.

Id say always scout yourself but I know thats not always possible.

I NEVER let others lite my cynos either.

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