BPO value question

What kind of value do well researched BPOs have? Not planning to use them myself. No idea how I even got them.

Vexor 8/16
Caracal 8/18
Stabber 8/18
Catalyst 9/20
Antimatter M 10/20
Light Missile Launcher 10/20
Hobgoblin 10/20
Acolyte 10/20

Best place to look would be in the contracts. Depending on the amount of bpo’ s being sold Thier it may give you a better idea of the worth

Not much. The time and isk cost to research them is low, cruiser is like … 10 days ?

A destroyer is 2 weeks just for the final level. A cruiser would be more like 3.

At least half that again for 1-9, and then double it all to do TE and ME to max.

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Cruiser 10days? More like 2 months for both ME/TE. BPO researching is time consuming and researched BPOs currently dont refllct that in their pricing. Theres a lot of muppets out there dropping 10/20 BPOs on contracts for barely above NPC value when it takes 4month to research BC bpos for ex.

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