What to charge for researched BPO's?

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I have 300+ BPO’s that have been researched 10/20 that I will probably never use, I just like to collect them and research them. I do occasionally use them for invention. Is there a rough guide to pricing for max researched BPO’s? For example if a cruiser BPO originally costs 20 million ISK and I research it to 10/20, how much is it worth now?

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jim rogers said if you want to know the value of something try selling it!

(Tiddle Jr) #3

Check contracts its the best way to see current values.
10/20 cruisers starts from 100m and above all below are firesale.

(Do Little) #4

In the past week, I’ve purchased a few fully researched capital component BPOs in the 2 billion range - basically 30%-35% above NPC seed price and these things take 6 months to research.

Other stuff, I doubt you’ll get that markup. It will be proportional to the time required to do the research.

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