BPO Research Calculator?

Is there a bpo calculator that can determine best research levels? I know researching some high end bpos to max 10/20 is pointless. Eventually the law of diminished returns comes into effect.

Can just use a blueprint calculator and increase the ME and note the materials cost / time savings.

Personally, I research everything to 10+20, because:

  1. For most things it doesn’t take long.
  2. For the things that do take long, it is detrimental when selling copies or the BPO itself if not perfect.
  3. Fractions accumulate and round-up when building multiple runs.
  4. I’ve been around Eve for 11 years.

Probably the silliest BPOs I own are 10+20 medium Upwell structures (Astrahus, Athanor, Raitaru), for example. They all have single unit material counts at ME 0. It takes a better part of a year for EACH of the last few levels.

When I got a Fortizar BPO to ME 9, I started noticing ME 10 copies were appearing on the market more frequently. Losing that race.

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Generally the higher levels of research are questionable for items that are built using components rather than raw materials. You can spend a year researching a capital BPO to ME10 and end up saving nothing compared to ME9. For example: http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/item.php?type_id=19721

You can use Chruker to see the benefit of additional research for any blueprint. Generally ME10 is worthwhile for products made from basic materials but you need to be careful for products made from components.

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