Is there any reason to research BPOs to 10ME/20TE so I get better returns in time and materials when I invent Tech 2 BPCs?

I want to get into industry and BPOs can be researched to 10ME/20TE. Is there any point to this if all I am going to do is use the BPOs to make tech 2 BPCs for building?

Is there any benefit to having BPCs that are tech 2 from a BPO with 10ME/20TE?

No. The ME/TE level is onyl important if you want to produce from these BPOs or their copies. For inventing T2 BPCs, they are irrelevant.


So what is the point of researching BPOs if all one can do is make cheap tech 1 stuff with it? Invention and tech 2 makes no use of the research into the PBO so is research only useful with Capital ships that have no tech 2 variation?

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Lots of T2 stuff actually needs T1 stuff as a part of the production process. If you want to build a Paladin for example, you need an Apocalypse. And when producing that Apocalypse, you do want ME10, TE20 for sure.


Oh. So basically you are saying, if I want to make a Paladin, I need to have an Apocalypse ship already made as an ingredient? What are some other examples of why I should research to ME 10 and TE 20? I would appreciate this. No idea this was the case.

Well, there are thousands of BPOs out there. To make Mobile Tractor units for example, you need Small Tractor Beam I - if you do a large scale business, you want to have a Small Tractor Beam I BPO at 10/20 for sure.

Just check the T2 items that are interesting to you if their production requires a T1 item. If that is the case, get the BPO researched.


I good now.

Few more reminders:

  • if you only do the Invention and your business basically is inventing and selling the T2 copies, you can absolutely ignore the T1 Blueprint’s levels.

  • if you want to invent and then build the t2 items, you should have ME10 TE20 on most items for maximum efficiency in your production chain.

  • often it is more benefitial to buy fully researched BPOs, because it allows you to start your production business instead of waiting many months (or even years for some ship BPOs) before you have researched them to 10/20 yourself. Yes, they will cost quite a bit more than the unresearched BPO’s NPC-price, but you saved lots of Fuel/Structure rent and Job costs - and time.

  • you can often find researched BPOs in the contracts (they cannot be sold on the market, make sure to set the contract-filter to “Blueprint Originals”), or here at the forum. Sometimes even in packs for a discount over purchasing all the BPOs seperately. If I remember right, Battlecruisers and Battleship BPOs are for sale right now, which would be needed for an efficient Commandship/Marauder production line.

  • if you don’t have the ISK yet to buy BPOs, you can also buy 10/20 copies on the market - but use these only for the production of your T1 items for the T2 production, keep doing the invention from your own 0/0 copies.

Good luck with your business.


if you are actually producing t2 lasers in bulk then it makes sense to have your t1 laser bpo max researched this in turn keeps your mineral costs down

Keep an eye on the “opportunity cost” while new. A T1 cruiser BPO costs 82m idk, while 10-run copies can be bought from contracts for 1-2 million isk.

You can produce thousands of t1 cruisers in this example before the BPO is well-researched and the investment paid off. As a new player, the flexibility of copies is worth a minor hit to margin.

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