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I’m looking to specialize in the industry. The alpha clone i made pretty much capped what’s available to alpha already.

I’d like to know how hard it is to make T2 ships. No one ever replies ingame when i ask.

I can’t speak to specifics because my knowledge of industry is cursory at best… but I do know the general “needs” of making Tech 2 ships.

  • Max researching BPOs (Blueprint Originals) - Material requirements are generally the first thing you want to max
  • Researching good BPCs (Blueprint Copies) - BPOs can only make one thing at a time. And they are limited to Tech 1 stuff. By doing “research” (see: putting the BPO in a special “oven”) you can potentially make a Tech 2 BPC.
  • Tech 2 stuff has special material requirements. While Tech 1 simply needs minerals, Tech 2 needs moon materials. And the most abundant sources of moon materials are out in Low-sec and Null-sec space (see: 0.4 and lower systems).

I should also add that there are legacy Tech 2 BPOs that are floating around out there. They were given out early in the game’s life via lottery but that was discontinued when the research system was introduced (see: the BPC system).
Don’t worry about T2 BPOs as their products only make up a fraction of the total market sales. Most are, probably, holed up under inactive accounts by this point in time.

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Make ISK, buy plex, advance in industry, make more profitable things, train up.

Hello again!

I’m a large scale T2 module manufacturer operating exclusively in hi-sec space. Industry is a fascinating puzzle box or ideas, opportunities and optimisations; welcome to my world.

The general process is as follows.

1 Buy a T1 BPO.
2 Copy the BPO to make a T1 BPC.
3 Perform invention on that to make T2 BPCs.
4 Manufacture the items on the T2 BPCs.
5 Sell the items for profit.

Steps 3 and 4 require Omega Clone only skills and require a month or two to train.

You do not need to improve the T1 BPO. The T2 BPO is at a specific ME/TE value that is governed by any Decryptors used in the invention process.

Invention uses datacores and [optional] decryptors to attempt to produce T2 Blueprints. There is a high possibility for each attempt that the invention will fail. Setting up ten invention runs may only give you, say, four T2 BPCs (for modules) - they will be multiple run BPCs, so it’s not as horrible as it could be.

Manufacturing of T2 items requires a much greater range of materials than just the basic minerals T1 uses. The supply and manufacturing chains for all these items are long and skill/time demanding. I normally just buy them at a trade hub (I use Amarr).

Step 5 is the most important one!
Always check you are making a profit.It is very easy to make a loss, or have a huge investment sunk in something loss making. That’s where Fuzzworks is useful.
And that’s why I don’t do T2 ships.

Feel free to reach out to me in game if you want to chat things through.



Very true - you can effectively buy in any step in a process. I generally buy the T1 modules that T2 manufacturing uses in step 4. Generally T2 manufacturing is a better (more profitable) use of my industry slots that T1 manufacturing - though sometimes there’s an opportunity for significant saving/profit there.

If there are items you use in large quantities, the buying on a buy order rather than the sell prices may take longer but easily save you tens of millions in ISK.

It’s step 5 that’s important. You are doing this to make a profit. It’s a long chain and easy to loose sight of your costs in your enthusiasm to complete it.
Remember, the market for your widgets may have become unprofitable during the time needed to make those widgets.

Eve University has a page discussing the invention process. Generally, you will want the science skills required at level 4 to raise the probability of a successful invention to the point where it becomes profitable.

Tech 2 manufacturing uses a lot of advanced components which are made from moon material. The supply is largely controlled by Nullsec power blocs who can and do manipulate the market to their own advantage. While there may be some exceptions, T2 ships are generally not profitable if you need to buy your components in Jita. If you can source advanced moon material from refiners in low or null and make your own components, it’s a different story.

There are profitable T2 products. Because the market is cyclical, profitability will vary - it’s best to pick a price point in the top half of the cycle and let the market come to you.

I knew about the BPC in general. I looked at the materials for T2 a little. They seem to have materials into sub materials into reactions… Someone mentioned i would need moon materials.

How easy would it be to buy the moon materials and build the components?


The Moon materials are easily available, and so are the BPOs for the components. I would suggest Jita for the best prices. Buy the component BPOs, they are very very cheap. And then, upgrade the ME/TE to 9 or something. Then set up shop in a nearby citadel or station, and start producing.

I have learned much from this thread.

Thank you all for correcting me. :slight_smile:

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it will probably be hard to earn isks with industry as an alpha clone. In eve every task is done in the “pvp” setting. In industry, it means that you will have to compete with other industrialists, who will have better skills etc and will sell things at prices that are already too low for you. Either you find some very specific items with very good margin, or you have to upgrade to omega status, level up your skills, set up a supply chain for component etc

I would say it’s closer to impossible, due to the skill limitations on Alphas. The majority of things that you need to do for T2 production are capped, so you won’t be able to do much there- including using any significant mining ships.

That said, you can still build things for yourself (ammo, drones, etc.) that you can use instead of buying them.

Indeed, often we look at things as straight up isk cost compared to isk/hr.

Ex.: It might be more expensive for you to build ammo locally, but if you buy from the nearest trade hub, you also have to go get things. That means travelling time, which is time not spent running missions. So actually, that cost you what you paid, plus what you could have earned in the time you spent going to get it.

Depending on how close to your local trade hub you live (and how risky travelling is in your area), it might be more worth it to build (or buy!) things locally even though the “label price” is higher.

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Yep- I’ve never been a big fan of using ISK/Hour as the only metric. Instead:

Can I make (or at least save) money?
Can I make things more convenient for myself?
Do I like what I’m doing and how can I spend more time doing that?
Is the fun and process of building stuff as (or more) important than raw ISK?

All in all, it’s part of a bigger question of what you like to do in the game. I build all of my own ships and modules not because it’s cheaper or more efficient, but because I like the process and take pride in making as much of what I use as I can by myself. To me, that’s worth more than ISK.


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