Rorqual BPO 10/20 price?

What is the price for Rorqual BPO 10/20?
I can see in game some player sell BPO 10/14 for 7.5b but my question is what is price that i can sell it. Not to make contract and no one even thing to buy it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replays.

The isk and time required to upgrade a BPO are both linear with the amount of points of research.
The research points of a bpo is the sum of the ME research points and the TE research points
The ME research points are 0 if not researched, 2.378696113^(ME-1) otherwise. Same for TE, but divided by two since TE works in steps of 2 : 2.378696113^(TE/2 -1).

a base 0/0 rorqual BPO is 3B
a 10/14 is 2.378696113^9+2.378696113^6 = 2619 research points, for 7.5-3 = 4.5B additional cost.
a 10/20 would be 2.378696113^9 ×2 = 4876 research points. 4.5×4876/2619 = 8.37 research cost so total 11.37B for a 10/20 BPO.

note : research points make no sense outside of comparing BP of the same type.

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Researching a Rorqual BPO from ME9 to ME10 will take about a year in a bonused facility with maximum skills. The player considering the research will place a value on that investment. The fully researched BPO will require fewer components to build and the player considering buying it will place a value on that. A sale takes place if buyer and seller agree on what the additional increment of research is worth.

This is subjective - a self assessment, and it will vary depending on market conditions. Right now, mineral prices are rising so the value of a ME10 BPO should be increasing relative to a ME9 BPO but the same game changes that are putting upward pressure on mineral prices have reduced the effectiveness of the Rorqual as a mining ship - less demand for the ship will lower the value of the BPO.

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