Roughly how much does researching a BPO really cost in an NPC Station?

I want to get a sense of how much researching costs in a npc station with a system index of 5.0. I was trying to figure out the cost from Eve Wiki University but it was too complicated.
It says the research job costs
“Job Cost = Process Time Value X System Cost Index X Structure Bonus”…
Process Time Value = “The materials to manufacture one ship.”
System Cost Index = “Work Done in System in the Past 28 Days / Work Done in the Universe in the Past 28 Days.”
Structure Bonus = (No idea. I guess there are rigs that reduce job cost. But I want to use an NPC station for safety.)
So the question is, can someone give me a rough estimate of what a job research costs for a BPO in an NPC Station based on 2 different System Indexes?

I want to buy the BPOs for an assortment of ships soon, just need to know how much money I will need to keep the research going. Like maybe how much it roughly costs to research and how much it can vary.

After the recent changes to the Job Installation Costs there is no tool any more that can correctly display theses costs. For the final levels these costs have gone totally through the roof, at least for the more expensive ships (aka Battleships and above). Can be hundreds of millions of ISK just for installing the job (per BPO). Weird thing is that the base value for these job costs is an ridiculously overpriced “PTV” (process time value).

Also in a system with a SystemCostIndex of 5.0 you shouldn’t even consider researching BPOs. ME/TE research job starting is only acceptable with a SCI of below 1.0. Best is you look for a system with a SCI of 0.10 and then start a lot of long jobs at the same time.


There is none in HS since the last changes.
Also remember that 1.5% surcharge is now applied.

depends on your BP EIV

cost to research ME10 = 2438.1×0.02×EIV×(index+1.5+0.25)/100 . 1.5 is surcharge, 0.25 is station tax ; 0.02 is activity multiplier; 2438.1 is lvl 10 multiplier (for ME=10 or TE=20)
= 0.48762 × EIV ×(index+1.5+0.25)
with index=5 it becomes
= 3.3×EIV . EIV is an estimation of the price of the mats (but as shown in my post Huge discrepancies in industry tax application half of the BP have more than 50% difference between EIV and real cost)

Let’s take “supercapital construction facilities blueprint”. Its EIV is 52891564 (=52.9M) so the cost to research it to ME10 in a 5 index is 174.5M. if you research to 10/20 in a 5 ME/TE index then this consumes 350M
If you research it in a 2.25 index it becomes 0.48762 × EIV ×4 = 1.95×EIV (and 3.9 EIV for both ME and TE)
so for this specific BP it’s total 206M isk

basically you can consider it costs 6.6 times as much to research the BPO than to build an item in a 5.0% index station (though there are a lot of errors in the code of CCP)

A bit more complex would be EIV ×(index+1.75) (ignoring the 0.97 mult which is like a 1)
Basically the lowest you can do in HS is 4×EIV

Another example : A Tatara has an EIV of 5.8B so running it in a 1% system before did cost basycally 5.8B while it costs now in the same system (which has reached 3% because CCP) 27.5B

Hm yeah the lowest for Research Jobs seem to be 0.14 now. At least thats what the StarMap shows. However, still a lot better than 5.0. the 1.5% surcharge is independent from the SCI as far as I understand the formula, so it should not matter for system selection.

you missed the OP request

The lowest laboratory station is ATM Mandoo with 1.8 54j from Jita.
The next one is Zorrabed 2.02 56j.
Then Rayl 2.28 46j
(only 20% of the HS system have a labo)

Placing a structure is basically giving a free core to retarded gameplay abusers (pirat and co)


Oh, indeed, I overlooked that part. I always used Hyas Labs on POS, which give you the freedom to pick extremely low SCI systems for long job starts.

Didn’t get a Wardec in like 5 years because there is nothing to loot, you can completely take down the POS before a war becomes active. And even a medium one full of jammers is an annoying nut to crack compared to a free-win Citadel. Never came to the idea to do it on NPC stations…

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It happened to me once to have an issue that prevented me from connecting for 2 months (I was in the hospital). It was enough to get wardecced when I had structures. Did not lose much because I reconnected just before the war hit. Lesson learnt.

Wasn’t there a feature that you can have an email-alert if someone wardecs your corp? I have just looked and found none ingame. Maybe via a third-party tool? EVE-Mon? I know I once got a notification to my smartphone when my main corp was wardecced in the middle of the night but I can’t remember which tool that was.

It was the eve app that did notify you.

Doesn’t help when you are stuck in the hospital under drugs. The lesson learnt was : don’t assume you will be able to connect tomorrow.


I use the EVE android app, but it’s reliability for e-mail notifications sucks.

Also, corporate eve-mails are no longer available via the API, so no app can retrieve them … as far as I know. The API change was made many years ago. Corporate eve-mails include structure and fuel warnings.

I login daily on the structure holding corp Alpha account to check for wars, eve-mails, and fuel levels.

I’ve had to pay over 25 billion ISK for asset safety, so I never wanted to do that again.

I’m currently in the process of getting rid of my last structure, an Athanor(!!) without a Quantum Core, to a group that still wardec’d.

Upwell structures are totally useless for solo players or small groups. We’ve lost at least 20, and none of those had Quantum Cores.

There is (at least) an app for that. Not sur for mails. But I know you can get the fuel level and war decs .

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