Updated ME/TE BPO Research Time/Cost Tool?

It seems the existing BPO research tools are not current on actual job cost for BPO research. Has anyone seen a working tool?



There are a lot of variables and I suppose no one is interested in investing the effort for a niche tool.

Time required will vary depending on structure bonuses and rigs plus player skills and implants.

Cost is a function of process time value (PTV), system cost index and facility taxes.
All the formulas required can be found at https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Research

Estimated price for the item can be substituted for material cost for the PTV calculation. This value, along with the base research times can be found at http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/market.php

Once you have all the numbers it should be fairly straightforward to build a spreadsheet to do the calculation.


So if I take: Large Nanobot Accelerator I Blueprint

Job cost = Process time value × System cost index × Structure bonus ,

Process time value=Base duration𝑛× (0.02 / 105) ×∑all materialsMaterial quantity×Material adjusted price

Skilled Time (Metallurgy 5 + Adv. Indu. 5)
16 minutes, 44 seconds => 1004 seconds


Armor Plates: 89 * 38.00K ISK => 3382000
Contaminated Nanite Compound: 67 * 105.00K ISK => 7035000
Fried Interface Circuit: 100 * 3.99K ISK => 400000

1004 * (.002 / 105) * (3382000 + 7035000 + 400000) => 1004 * (.002 / 105) * 10817000

=>. 21,612.47 ISK

My total job cost is “actually” 5,662,761 even before doing the system cost index.

Where should the values for material cost. come from?

Values for material cost can be found by hovering over the item in your inventory. This is a moving average - current market pricing will probably be close enough unless the product is extremely volatile.

The job cost is generally insignificant unless you’re in a high tax facility or researching a capital print to level 10. A medium autocannon to level 10 for example:

On the other hand, if I wanted to research my Rorqual print to level 10 in the same facility:

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