BPO Research Cost // Science & Industry window useless for planning?

Why does it take a mathematics degree, 7 websites, and 3 excel spreadsheets, and 1 list of hidden values to calculate BPO research costs? Shouldn’t I be able to just drag a BPO from the market list into the science and industry window at a station with the proper facilities and see how much it would cost?

It will show me a time required, but it’s not the actual time required.


To test I dragged a small tractor beam I blueprint from my cargo to the S&I window in the station I wanted to research. Set it to go from TE 0 to TE 20 and the time is 3D 23Hrs and change. It also shows me the exact cost in ISK.

Drag a theoretical small tractor beam I from the market window to the S&I window, set it to the same research, and the time is 5D 16Hrs. It does not show me the cost in isk.


The culprit seems to be in the top right corner where the Facility is listed. If you put a fake bpo in the window (drag from market or whatever), the facility is cleared. There’s actually a little magnifying glass symbol in the upper right hand corner like CCP wanted you to be able to change it or search for it or set it or SOMETHING, but there’s no way to interact with that box.

So, since this seems completely broken and useless to me, my first guess is that I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried clicking, shift/alt/ctrl clicking. right and left button. dragging a facility there. blahblahblah, all the basic stuff I could think of. So, forum dwellers, what am I missing?

This got me for ages.

The answer you are looking for is to now select a facility from the tab below. The one between ‘blueprints’ and ‘jobs’


I retract my previous statement, and have scheduled it for deletion. Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you for telling me this.


Theres still room to talk about the complexities from a beginner perspective

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