Cost of ME-Te and Process Time Value (PTV)

Hi, I am trying out ME-TE research the overall cost is related to the PTV that ccp somehow works out.
What is PTV and why does vary so much.
The PTV for ME $200 mil and $200 mil PTV TE for a BPO I am researching , this is 10x the cost of the sale value of the fully researched BPO $40 mil.
So I am paying tax on $400 mil for a $50 mil BPO.
How can I lower PTV to reduce tax ?

Job cost is based on the system cost index. The idea here is to encourage people to spread out rather than have all industry concentrated in a few systems.

The more activity - the higher the SCI. You can see the cost index for the activity you are interested in using the facilities tab of the industry tool or

There is also a tax on the job cost - 10% flat rate at NPC stations. Whatever the owner wants to charge at player owned structures.

Hi, thanks for reply but I am not talking about the system cost index of about 3% tax, I am talking about the PTV that the tax is levied on.
This PTV is $400 mil (200 ME & 200 TE) and tax is 3% so total job cost is $12 mil on a fully researched BPO that sells for $40 mil.

You can reduce the process time value by reducing the process time. The base is a constant set by CCP, skills, implants and structure bonuses will reduce it. Look for an Engineering Complex with ME and TE research optimization rigs.

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