Please help explain the new PTV formula


Could @Angry_Mustache or @Kenneth_Feld as industry CSM reps please take a look at this.


Has the PTV gone loco!

What is pushing that value so high now since the latest CCP tinker? (Viridian: Expansion Notes | EVE Online - Industry Job Installation Fee part) Any information you can share would be great.

…and are CCP aware of what they have done?


This is an almost year long job …

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Well the research time for the larger BPO’s has always been lengthy, certainly in the almost 10 years I have been doing it anyway. That’s the incentive to get the science skills up and find a station with an appropriate rig.

An Orca BPO is only 900m, a megathron is 1.25b by comparison and it takes 140 ish days (implants/skills/station) to max ME/TE and it was about 300m tops in fees, now closer to 600m. If you look at a dread, eg a Moros, 1.9b for the BPO, takes a fair bit longer and the PTV is lower.


The cost for us researchers has always been upfront and another part of the risk is if the station your running the job at will not get blown up while your doing it. Normally when you have 1 day left :slight_smile:

I get that the idea was to try and feed more of that fee cost isk back to the station owners, something I have been in full support of but its not coming out that way. out of a 2+b isk job (for the Orca) the station owner is only going to see 155m.

Hence the request for some feedback from the 2 indy CSM dudes.


This is “working as intended” PTV is calculated by a value based on the value of the blueprint, multiplied by the time required for the job. You put in one year job, which is a big multiplier on the base value of the blueprint.

This is what I thought @Angry_Mustache, and why I asked.

As you can see it is not, the dread has a lower PTV and the BPO costs more/takes longer.

Are we absolutely sure this is “working as intended”?

Thanks for the reply.

The PTV already includes the time multiplier. The base value of the BPC is found by dividing the PTV by the time. So for the Orca this is 242M/day, for the dread it’s 165M/day for your structure. The value is lower for the dread as I the value is determined by a database value for the blueprint set by and not on the value of the output.

So should CCP perhaps lower the database doodah value for the Orca BPO?

Should the Orca cost more comparatively than a Dread to research?

We have spent COUNTLESS hours trying to untangle this mess they made in 2014 - and well - we have talked about it…

lol well aye it is a bit of a mess agreed but normally makes a degree of sense in regards to research costs.

Out of interest who would be the CCP dev best to nag about some getting some sense and transparency in the case of industrial fees, CCP Psych did a great chat on Oz’s stream not long ago standing in for CCP Rattati and mentioned they were still looking at these systems.

Would someone mind waving at whoever it is and telling them the Orca BPO needs looking at as it doesn’t seem to be inline with other BPO PTV costs/fees. You never know, they might do something.

Angry, Kenneth, many thanks.


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