New System Cost Index formula?

In the patch notes for release 21.05 release date 9/12/2023, it is noted that the system cost index is being made more volatile. Does anyone have the new formula? I am assuming that they probably just shortened the averaging window, but does anyone have an idea of the time frame for said window?

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Nah, that’s not it. It basically doubled the index in most systems.

Before, you could find laboratory systems in HS with 0.25% index. Just after the patch hit, it became 1.7 minimum (for those same 0.25). So they changed more things than only the time frame considered.

They could have used the max jobs over the day’s hours instead of the sum, so that starting jobs automatically increase the present day’s jobs.

The index and tax changes have made most of my expensive BPOs un-researchable.

This means that legacy BPOs with high ME or TE will have considerable advantage.

Then there is the research time and facilities security.

As security is non-existent in hisec now, only long-term research in NPC stations is practical … and it is quite slow and expensive. I have two supercarrier BPOs in research 1 level for the next 2 years /sigh and that’s just to be market competitive. Luckily these jobs were already running pre-changes, as they’d be unaffordable to submit now.

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same, I don’t intend to keep researching the structure BPOs I have already started.

Too bad they did not end a bit before …

doing it in the BEST HS laboratory would still cost me 8B

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I am assuming that they probably just shortened the averaging window

This is what I thought too, but its been 29 days since I started my jobs and the index hasn’t reset yet. Worried…