New System Cost Index formula?

In the patch notes for release 21.05 release date 9/12/2023, it is noted that the system cost index is being made more volatile. Does anyone have the new formula? I am assuming that they probably just shortened the averaging window, but does anyone have an idea of the time frame for said window?

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Nah, that’s not it. It basically doubled the index in most systems.

Before, you could find laboratory systems in HS with 0.25% index. Just after the patch hit, it became 1.7 minimum (for those same 0.25). So they changed more things than only the time frame considered.

They could have used the max jobs over the day’s hours instead of the sum, so that starting jobs automatically increase the present day’s jobs.

The index and tax changes have made most of my expensive BPOs un-researchable.

This means that legacy BPOs with high ME or TE will have considerable advantage.

Then there is the research time and facilities security.

As security is non-existent in hisec now, only long-term research in NPC stations is practical … and it is quite slow and expensive. I have two supercarrier BPOs in research 1 level for the next 2 years /sigh and that’s just to be market competitive. Luckily these jobs were already running pre-changes, as they’d be unaffordable to submit now.

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same, I don’t intend to keep researching the structure BPOs I have already started.

Too bad they did not end a bit before …

doing it in the BEST HS laboratory would still cost me 8B

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I am assuming that they probably just shortened the averaging window

Looks like they raised the SI by .04% in nullsec. Used to be .10% after reset.

Yeah these PTV’s are just ridiculous. I own a whole collection of high value BPOs (Battleships and up) and completely shut down the research and copy business, it just does not make any sense any more. I was even willing to take some risks and did all my research on POS (what made my corp a possible war target), that saved quite some cash over the years. But even when using the cheapest SCI highsec system available, the job installation costs now are simply insane for longer jobs. Someone should tell CCP that their formula for calculating the PVT is simply bollocks.

Does anyone know what the purpose of the system cost index is?

Yes !

I thought the idea was to force people to spread out, even tho there are better ways to do this and probably no-one asked to be forced to spread out in the first place, but also i am looking into industry a bit and at least when it comes to rigs i can produce them in Jita 4-4 today and still have about a 100% profit margin with an unresearched BP. So thats nice. Please dont steal this business btw.

Yes, adjusted value is ■■■■■■. Literally been the same for 8 years.

I made a post Huge discrepancies in industry tax application to explain the issue, the effect, and how to fix it.
CCP knows it is bad, even though fixing it would have the same effect as the increase in tax they just did, with the added benefits of fixing a bug, being more fair, and not being an arbitrary increase in the taxes.

And yes, the idea was to make people who choose to not gather on the same place get a benefit. This bug ruins completely this benefit.

Everyone is so worried about inflation these days. But its not that bad. We’ve been dealing with it in IRL economy for like 100 years. But i say this because i think system cost index changes are meant to battle inflation. The idea is that raising tax on industry takes ISK out of the game. And it may be true. But also at first industry will just raise prices? So there is a lagging effect, if not unintended consequences. So it gets out of hand. CCP needs ideas for how to implement new ISK sinks imo. Caus they cant keep raising broker fees and taxes on industry and trade. Because honestly, at some point people are just going to stop bothering with industry and be ratting and what not instead which is where the inflation comes from in the first place.

Where to start …

Inflation as the increase in the prices is not a problem when the wages also increase and it does not prevent investments. One goal of the banks is to ensure the ability to act (=money) is applied where it has the most effect(=where people want to buy). This is not translated into the game, since money is generated by activity. Though in both cases they are printed ex nihilo, in the game they are printed at a fixed rate.
You just can’t compare RL economy to Eve’s.

Now getting back to the industry, this in fact will have very little impact on the prices.
Assuming industry tax rised from 1% before to 3% now (it does not for half of the items, so let’s only consider those for which it does untill CCP fixes the adjusted). You buy stuff (or not sell it), you move it, apply industry, move the products, sell the product.
Several costs are present : BP+ship+structure investment cost, hauling cost, job time cost, job installation cost, resource cost, management cost(managing orders, moving BP, updating to Eve new values, etc.), insurance cost(market can make a promising product actually become not worth it) and when selling your product market tax.

Most of the time hauling, time, BP investment cost is small (still needs to be considered). Basically for me it adds like total 2-5% of the resources price. Say 3% of EIV for simplicity.
The resource price is (if done correctly…) like 95% of the EIV(ME 10 reduces item cost by 10% only when required is high enough).
Your total price goes from 95%(resources)+3%(time hauling etc)+1%(industry tax) = 99% EIV to 101% of the EIV. you then apply your margin (say 10% so divide by 0.9) and the market tax (basically divide by 0.95 for -5% from broker + tax).
The prices for that simple job has increased by 2%.

Now if you need a multi-layer job, eg T2 ship, each layer multiplies the cost by 101/99(you only apply margin and market cost at the end). So if you have a ship that requires an item that requires another item that requires reaction it’s 4 times, so (101/99)^4 = 8.33%.
example : golem requires raven requires auto-integrity requires reinforced carbon => 4 jobs. However only this specific part is increased, construction blocks and morphite are not increased. So it’s less than 8%. Golem requires 1B05 in components out of 1B45 of mats so it’s like 6.2% for those, 8.3% for raven and 0% for the rest. Average 6.7% increase in the total cost. most will cost less, a few (capitals…) will cost more (because EIV is screwed against caps IIRC)

TLDR : most jobs have an increase less than that 6.7, typically one-level jobs only have 2% increase. this increase should be the same on the prices.

Besides the miss on CCP fixing the EIV, the issues I have :

  • the prices of research jobs have been multiplied by like 5+ in the LOWEST laboratory in HS, making the investment often out of reach.
  • I often find myself without enough money to start jobs, so it’s more difficult to keep track. What I did was to change from keeping 200M for industry, to 1B.

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