New Capital BPO ME/TE/COPY price wrong?

My question is for Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint. It is only 3b BPO and the isk is a bit off.
Nyx and Ragranrok is cheeper to resurch and copy.

ME 10 - 31b
TE 10 - 27b
Copy 1/40 - 1.2b

I have the rest of the capitap parts and is a bit strange that price.

Are you saying its too cheap? Or too expensive.

Its only a component level blueprint, its not the ship itself, so it should be on par with other component level blueprints for capitals.

I thing the same but this BPO is 100 times more expensive and is not normal

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No its not.

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Drone bay is a billion isk, jump drive is 1.5 billion, jump bridge array is 3 billion.

They’re talking about the copy/ME/TE costs. Not the actual BPO.

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I copy Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint and the cost for 10/40 is 4 000 000.
The price for Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint 10/40 is 11 564 000 000

Is the same 3b capital part BPO.

My bad is not 100 times more expensive :slight_smile: is 2 891 times more expensive

Please report the issue via bug report in game and via the Version 19.03 - Known Issues thread so the devs see this and can either weigh in that it was intended or take it back to the team to fix. Thanks!

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Yeah i understand now.

Might be a bug, ask CCP. PTV is really high for that BPO.

Those costs look high. Part of it will be where you’re trying to research them. My suspicion is that you’re doing it in a system with a high rate of ME and TE research. So it’s a high index.

Which is a multiplier on the cost.

Another big part of it is that these are based on the ‘adjusted’ cost for components. the Job Base Price for that is around 50 billion. a Nyx is 25 billion. I suspect it’s the new components which are marked high.

System cost index: ME - 1.65%, TE - 1.45%
I thing is a bug.

I rechecked. sorry about that.

It’s not a bug. at least, not in the formula for working out the costs. It’s a problem with the adjusted costs for components

At least you’re not doing it in Perimeter.
439,428,421,633.88 for ME 10
436,462,650,509.24 for TE 20

it’s because of items like Counter-Subversion Sensor Array which has an adjusted cost of 1.2 billion. Nanoscale Filter Plate with an adjusted cost of 800 million, Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller with a adjusted cost of 1.2 billion, etc etc. it stacks up to a base price of 50 billion. a nyx’s is more like 25.

I understand the algorithm behind the isk amount, but is wrong. Probably has working normal till now. But this BPO is in “Standard Capital Ship Components”. Even other 2 new BPO’s are the same like the rest in the section.
If was 100% more expensive will undestand it, but when is 2891% it’s smells :slight_smile:

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It’s because of those drops.
As the market price for them settles down, then the blueprint research costs should.

nope, the algorithm is correct.

What is wrong, as explained, is the “adjusted” price, which may be because of novelty. Maybe in a few days the price will settle down.

I would even say that the price for the other BPO are also wrong, nothing is traded on the market at the moment

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This “adjusted” price can be set in formula to be 0 if return value from the market is null.

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