Delete please

Delete please…

How much for the jump bridge bpo?

Hello, with ones please?
Is so many of them :slight_smile:

Make me a offer.

‘Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint’

You show only one, but if there’s multiple I’m interested.

Oh yes, that is the last one. Make a offer :slight_smile:

3.4 b?

The cheapest one at contract is 3.69 for 10/20 and 3.60 for 8/14 so 3.65 ?

meet halfway? 3.5

Can do 3.6 if you accept it now :slight_smile: and that is very good offer.

sure, contract to me

I’ll be on in approximately 30 to accept.

Anything else i can offer you sir ?

Not right now, thanks. On a budget for a few days.

Daily bump…

Shoot me a price for the below BPO’s please:

Station Vault/Whs/container

Probably best to send me an evemail, probably online today between 1700 and 1800 eve time…

I might be interested in more BPO’s later :wink:

Hey FarosWarrior,

I did send you a email from anotjer toon, so when you will be have time just look on it :slight_smile:


I’m intrested in the capital shield / propulsion and construction parts

What would be your very best price for these ?

Hello SaberX
Email send from another toon ( at this moment at work and have only one toon at phone )

Bump !

Apologize for late respond, daily bump and the Capital Parts are sold.

Love to sell them all at bulk price 25 Bills