WTS cap component BPO's, prices updated

Cap construction parts - 1.45b
Capital armor plates - 1.6b
Capital cargo bay - 1.08b
Capital ship maintinence bay - 2.15b
All are 10/20 & located in Amarr
Prices are firm for individual prints can talk about a discount only if you want all of them

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9b offer for all

(Considering that the *2 means that u got 2 capital armor plates and 2 capital ship maint)

the *2 does mean there are 2 however 9b is too low, at time of posting these were the cheapest maxed out ones of their types that i could find on contract or saw on the forums so while id prefer so sell as a bunch not at a 25% odd discount.

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I started in incursions, many, many years ago, doing it with you and a german guy, who was the FC.

I am right or crazy? It was an armor incursion group.

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Haha Jill Antaris i imagine, OIC


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4,5b @ 1 bpo of each

id do 5b flat for those 3


nope sorry, they are already the cheapest publicly available at the last check, ill do another check soon but id say they are still good prices at the asking price.

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I’d take those 3 bpo’s for 5b.

contract is up for you, sorry for the delay.