WTS Capital part BPOs and Revelation BPO

Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
10/16 1.8

Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint SOLD

Capital Construction Parts Blueprint SOLD

Capital Drone Bay Blueprint SOLD

Capital Power Generator Blueprint SOLD

Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint SOLD

Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
10/16 1.25

Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint SOLD

Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint SOLD

Capital Siege Array Blueprint SOLD

Capital Turret hardpoint Blueprint SOLD

Revelation SOLD

Hey, 5 Billion ISK?

6b isk

daily bump

6.5b isk

Mail sent, lmk if you have an ask price on any/all of these.

Send me price for all items pls

Feel free to share the prices…

post edited

I’ll take…

Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
10/20 1.25
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
10/20 1.5

construction part is sold

ill make Drone bay contract to you

daily bump

daily bump

Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
Capital Siege Array Blueprint

i’m interested in these for 4.5B , if OK you may make the contract ans i’ll accept ASAP


b u m p

bump :heart:

b u m p

ill pay 11.5 B for all bpo .

b u m p <3

i’ll bump it up to 12bil for all the remaining bpo’s , or feel free to contact me in game for price Discussion

thanks mate