WTS Capital BPOs (Parts + Nidhoggur) Prices cut across the board

(FasTraGe) #1

Hi there sports fans. I have a bunch of Capital BPOs for sale here. They’re all located in Perimeter - IChooseYou Trade Hub. All transactions done via contracts, no trades. Here we go!

Capital Hull Bpos
Nidhoggur (9/14) - 2.25b

10/20 Part Bpos
Capital Sensor Cluster - 1.55b
Capital Computer Systems - 1.6b
Capital Ship Maitenance Bay - 2b

Capital Clone Vat Bay (9/18) - 1.8b

Other Misc Capital BPOs
Capital Core Defense Field Extender (10/16) - 50m
Capital Projectile Burst Aerator (8/16) - 50m

(Halleflux Equeron) #2

I’ll take the nag bpo, contract to this char

(The Great Engineer) #3

Capital Jump Bridge Array - 3.8b
contract to me plz.

(FasTraGe) #4

Contract up

(CJ Agnon) #5

I’ll bid 73 bil for the rag, isn’t exactly too far off what npc plus about 45 days of research does

(FasTraGe) #6

I had a 73b offer earlier for the rag so he has priority at that price sorry, but I am willing to come down as low as 75b for an instant sale.

(FasTraGe) #7

Prices dropped across the board. And bumpity.

(Vily) #8

ill take the Rag bpo

(FasTraGe) #9

Contract up thank you!

(Kiki Kiki) #10

I will take the following three for 4.9b
Capital Sensor Cluster
Capital Computer Systems
Capital Ship Maitenance Bay

(system) #11

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