WTS capital hull & part BPOs

Posting a sales thread for my supercap BPOs. Some of this is on publics but mostly not b/c it’s slow moving and I don’t like taxes.

Avatar 8/10 - 72b
Aeon 9/10 - 27b
Wyvern 8/12 - 22b
Hel 8/10 - 20b
Hel 7/10 - 17b
Nyx 9/10 - 26b

Fortizar 5/0 - 60b (10b under npc)
Tatara 9/8 - 36b (4b under NPC)
Tatara 7/12 - 32b (8 under NPC)

Full cap construction part 10/20 sets (all 19 items) - 36b unless it’s cheaper to buy on contracts. I’ll always beat contract prices on this deal. Currently have 2 (I think) full sets left.

Good afternoon

Just wondering do your full capital component sets come with the New blueprints as well ?

Many thanks

Nope just the original 19. Find your neurolink whatevers on your own.

Thread up buy my super bpos before ccp lowers the build cost and they all go back up to at least npc price lol

Are you open for selling not a full pack?

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I can usually sell individual prints for a little lower than the current best market rate, but not tons lower. Mail me with what you’re after if you still need any!

Back up still on sale

still on sale. Mail me for me10 dread bpos!

Still on sale. Multiple full cap part sets available!

Back up. Titan BPOs under NPC price; contact me today!

Back up. All listed items still available.

Still on sale. Mail me with offers!

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