Selling BPO Collection (>Trillion worth) 9x ME9 Titans, 4x ME10 Supers, all 10ME regular caps, lots more

Looking to sell off my prized BPO collection that I assembled and researched over the last 6 years, time for me to start actually flying ships. Every BPO where ME matters is ME10 (or 9 for titans).

Not many high end BPO’s come up for sale… when every ME level of a titan saves 1b ISK in materials, and every ME level of a Supercarrier saves 300m, low ME junk prints arent worth the copy cost.

  • 9 Titans (all ME9)
  • 5 Supercarriers (all but 1 ME10)
  • 19 Capitals/Faux/Dreads (all ME10/TE16)
  • Most sov BPO’s, including Ansiblex, Pharolux, TCU’s, iHubs and iHub Upgrades
  • Complete (I think) set of all Capital modules (all ME10/TE18)
  • Over 100 subcaps from shuttle to battleshp (all ME10/TE20)
  • All capital construction parts (all ME10/TE20)
  • All structure construction parts (all ME10/TE18)

See full list here with pricing:
BPO COLLECTION - Google Sheets

Research days listed is best case scenario, assuming T2 rigged nullsec research facility, and fully skilled/implanted researcher.

Will try and check here regularly, but best bet is to contact me through evemail in game.

I will consider all offers and bulk discounts, but please don’t waste both our time with lowball offers.

EDIT: All located in Jita

Hello cloon :wave:

I know you have a huuuuge stash of capital ship bpcs , would you be willing to sell those to me ?

Yeah sure, shoot me a list of what your looking for, can do 70% of whatever cheapest market equivalent is

im looking for all titan and wyvern prints mainly … minos as well if you have them :slight_smile:

Evemail sent

@Ben, contract up ty

@Kilo, i sent you a list of the titan BPC’s i have on hand

1 Nyx and 1 hel bpo at me 10 please.

60b ?

Contracts up and all messages replied to.

Baron Alex, sorry i messed up your contract, its fixed now.

Bump, and two new contracts up, ty.

Lot of offers for the last two ME10 supers, sorry guys, not gonna go down much on those, these are the first ME10 supers to be available that I know of in years, not giving them away.

contracts sent out, and bump

How much for any of the cap bpos?

Full list here with prices.

List updated… 242b worth sold so far.

With new indy changes, these max researched BPO’s will only get more valuable.

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been a while, up we go

list updated

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