WTS titan, super, capital, cap part and T2 original BPOs

Gonna lump all my BPO sales into one thread for easier navigation. I have a lot not listed (including most small items and non-10/20 cap parts), for a full list contact me in-game.

Avatar 8/10 - 84b

Ragnarok 7/10 - 70b

Nyx 9/14 - 29b

Hel 8/12 - 24.75b
Hel 8/14 - 25b

Fortizar 5/0 - 60b

Tatara 3/6 - 33b

Zealot BPO - Taking offers with the new patch buffing HACs significantly

Explosive Deflection Amplifier II BPO - 30b offered, still considering offers

All dreads ME10 - TE varies by dread. Price on request. ME8 and ME9 prints may also be available. Will beat jita prices on these.

Offering 170 for zealot bpo.

or 200bil for both T2 BPO

Not going down to 170 on it, sorry. Thread bump.

Alright, Best of luck on sale.

Thread bump. Cap components moved to 4-4.

Bump. Thread updated with more 10/20 cap parts!

I also have loads of hulls if you want cheap deals on me 8-10 carrier/dread/fax bpos.

Thread up!

Thread up!

Thread up. Best prices on cap parts!

Thread up

Thread up!

Up & updated

Up - a large number of cap BPOs have sold so I’ll be updating the cap & parts listings. Not sure I even have one full set left! :slight_smile:

Thread up. All cap parts sold or on pub contract. T2s still available.

i’offer 170bil zealot bpo

Got a 180 offer already, sorry

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