WTS super/titan BPOs, Fortizar BPO

Rag ME7 - 62b
Avatar ME8 - 79
Rag ME9 - post or mail offers

Aeon 8/16 - 24
Nyx ME9 - 28b

Fort 5/0 available for 63.

Also have me10 dread bpos on sale, inquire via evemail.

I offer you 20b for the aeon bpo

Can u let me know any dread bpos you have I would be intrested in making a deal

Probably a no on the aeon, but I’ll hit you up on the dreads, I think I still have all dreads me10, got a lot of different dread prints available too.

Thread up again

still on sale

Thread up still available

All still available

back up back up

ingame offer sent