WTS super/titan BPOs, Fortizar BPO

Rag ME7 - 64b
Avatar ME8 - 81
Rag ME9 - post or mail offers

Aeon ME9 - 28b, on pub contracts
Nyx ME9 - 28b

Fort 5/0 available for 63.

Also have me10 dread bpos on sale, inquire via evemail.

I offer you 20b for the aeon bpo

Can u let me know any dread bpos you have I would be intrested in making a deal

Probably a no on the aeon, but I’ll hit you up on the dreads, I think I still have all dreads me10, got a lot of different dread prints available too.

Thread up again

still on sale

Thread up still available

All still available

back up back up

ingame offer sent

Mails replied to. Thread back up!

Thread back up.

Thread back up - still available.

thead up. Nyx BPO listed on pub contracts.

thread up still avail

thread up happy new year

thread up buy my stuff

E- aeon added

thread up blah blah blah

hey yeah this is all still on sale

What dread bpos do you have I would make you an offer for all of them

Mailed. Thread bump