Price Check Blueprint copy

Hii yeah so i’m brand new and i just found something while exploring in lowsec, called a “Capital Drone Scope Chip II Blueprint”, it’s apparently a copy with 2 runs remaining. I was just wondering what this thing is worth because it doesn’t show a market value and i see the chip is worth like 500mil (!!!) which kind of excited me

i dont trust any of the people in jita and im not in a corp i can ask so iask here -w- my assumption is that its worth like 100-150mil because the chip is worth 574mil and the materials are like 440mil and its got 2 runs left, anyway yeah if anyone knows please respond :blush:

For BPC price checks, look in Contracts. This one is worth ~ 60 m +/- in Jita it looks like.

Thanks :smiley:

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