Integrated Drone BPC's - is there a market for them?

I know that there are contracts out there for integrated drone BPC’s but was hoping to ask the advice from this forum to determine if it’s even worth me putting these BPC’s up for contract?

I’ve acquired a number of them over time from exploring and while augmented drones seem to be at least worth building and selling. The integrated drones don’t seem to hold a price which makes it worthwhile for me (as a more non industrial player) to build and then sell.

So on that basis i’m struggling to put any value on the BPC’s for integrated drones. Is it worth while selling them or am I better just trashing them??

If after people replying in this thread that is your final decision then consider giving them away for free instead maybe someone can put them in good use as it just feels wasteful to just trash them though maybe they are indeed worthless dunno no personal experience so can’t answer that.


Dont trash, jet can outside jita is funner

Worthless trash. Delete immediately

I doubt they will be worth much in future. those drones were I think mostly for people that didn’t want to invest in T2 drone skills because they are off skill map. But with injectable SP being more and more common from all kinds of sources Ppl can train to use proper drones now, thus reducing demand. Now probably very niche for some applications where I think their better application is relevant, or some just really doesn’t want to train to t2.

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