Drone regions exploration - still worth it?

I watched an old video about data hacking in Drone regions and it being more profitable than other forms of null exploration. Does that still hold up?

Except for Blood Raider space (thanks to CONDI overfarming) and Angel space (generally crap), all Relic exploration is really good these days. Rogue Drone sites give salvage from all pirate factions, which means that it should still be very profitable. Just be careful with the NPC spawns.

Is not what he is asking about.

Rogue drone data sites can drop integrated and augmented drone BPCs which can be worth quite a bit depending on the number of runs.

Are they really? Remember that CCP gave those away in the thousands during the Guristas event. Have the prices of those drones recovered yet?

‘Augmented’ Hobgoblins are selling for about 15m each so I would say yes.

Drone region data site hacking for BPCs is dead. It’s a shame but it started with the Rorquals and excavators making the building cost dominating the drone price.

Good to know, thanks.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah the PBC of drones are pretty nice + you can get drone components like coronary unit ect.

Don’t forget to look at what they cost to build, buy all in jita price is 13.3 mil. 10 run BPCs are selling for ~8mil on contracts.

That’s only light drones though, what about mediums and heavies ? Augemnted Ogres, Infiltrators, Valkyries, Hammerheads are selling really well and at good prices in Jita. In the otehr markets they occasionally completely run out from time to time so the demand is good too.

there are some better margins, but I don’t know that any look too good. That and looking at trade volume I have to wonder about drop rates.

Of course there are things like 60-120 run augmented BPCs which look like the jackpot rewards, but they also don’t look that common.

it could be worth taking a shot at as it sounds like something other people don’t do a lot of, but it doesn’t look like something amazing.

It might be worth it to actually get the BPCs and build the drones. They really do sell well and are fairly expensive, and liek I said, some places like Dodixie and Amarr completely run out once in a while, there is fairly high demand.

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