What the heck? - capital liquid cooled electronics II blueprint

I found one of these while Exploring today. It doesn’t have an est. price. It isn’t listed on any markets. I checked Jita. What am I supposed to do with this?

That’s worthless crap, sorry. Because I’m a nice guy I’ll do you a favor and take it off your hands for you and give you 100k at the same time. Just contract it to me any old place, doesn’t matter for junk like that.

Oh yeah…NCQ&A…darn…

Check contracts and third-party sites.

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Thanks for the offer and info.

200K and not a flex fraction less.

Which third party site? and I have no idea how to check contracts.
I was thinking maybe just hold onto it until I have the skills to make them.

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This video is outdated (features Captain’s Quarters hangar view - R.I.P. ) but shows kind of the contract search process. Always read and re-read all aspects of a contract very carefully!

Maybe try these also:

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The Capital Liquid Cooled Electronics II rig is designed to reduce the CPU need of modules which require the electronics upgrades skill.

You won’t find T2 blueprints on the market - they are traded through contracts. Most T2 bpc’s are created through the invention process. Interesting that CCP is competing with player industry by dropping them as loot.

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Because otherwise these rigs would never be researched and manufactured by players? They are just that useful…

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Check Jita contracts. Incidentally, sounds to me like “contract market” is something you have not discovered in Eve yet. It is different from your regular market and contains many goods and many scams and bad deals.

I recommend you take a good look at it, you can find BPs as well as stuff like Abyssal modules, ships with fitted rigs on them, and bunch of other things on it that regular markets do not have.

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The regular eve markets assumes all items are the same. It just sells the base items. A blueprint copy can have different (material/time efficiency) stats per BPC, so these are sold through a different system. The other option would be to implement 100 different market categories per blueprint for each of the 10 x 10 possible ME/TE values.

Blueprints found through data sites may have stats that are uncommon (or impossible?) through the regular invention system, such as multiple runs at high ME, etc… so they may still be worth something if they’re for a rig that’s used commonly or for which the extra ME is worth the price, but generally you’re finding a single item that a well skilled inventor can make hundreds of in a single hour.

And some t2 rigs just don’t get used by anyone. I have a stack of t2 capital data analyser bonus rig blueprints lying around somewhere…

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