cap components are up on contract for all at 28B plus extras, big firesale pricing.

To calculate prices please remove 10 percent from individual prices or if you purchase all cap component bpos at its set bulk price. Prices are being originated from open contract prices, at or below in several cases.

Its not a firesale but your getting a better deal in one place then hunting for each one at bargain prices. These prices are not up for negotiation as they are already fairly priced.

all cap components are 10/20, the capitals themselves are mixed and honestly are not the focus of this sale.

30B for aprox 37B in cap components at bulk pricing, Cap bpos are also price below current contract price.

Spreadsheet below:

(sorry had the sheet setup wrong, everyone should be able to see it now)

Thanks guy and fly safe!

got a pub contract up for now that is a slightly better deal then advertised bulk pricing.

Retracted Offer for all.

Contract the following to Dai Kyoko:

2x Capital Siege Array - 2.07 each
Capital Turret Hardpoint - 2.37 each
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint - 2.2 each
Capital Clone vat Bay blueprint - 1.72 each

want to see if I can sell this as a bulk item atm. sorry


I didnt see a pub contract unless its the 31b one… but your post says it should be better than the advertised price and thats 30b

that would be mine if you wanted that price your welcome to pm me, I added a few extras to that contract why the price is dif. @Susej_Togenada

also bump

at firesale prices now, lowered it to 28B with extras, thats far below its value if you want to price it out yourself… listed by my alt Mr blonde adoudel.

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