PC - Big stock of different BPCs

(Trash Queen) #1

Hey together,

any ideas about this? --> BPC Stock

Just in case… selling them 1 by 1 or just bulk sales?

Thank you

(Dave Argon) #2

I might be interested in a bulk sale, depend of your price.

(Trash Queen) #3

Almost 3,7k BPCs… mixed and mainly T1 but also some T2. Capitals-Parts and some Structures

I have absolutely no clue what the price could look like… going through jita contracts would take ages to get an idea for “fair” prices.

So any price-checks are appreciated

(Dave Argon) #4

Haven’t time to check it, just checked Tech 2 and capital sized… 130M seems decent

(Trash Queen) #5

Thanks for this rating… I’ll wait dor some other comments.
Will talk to you later, if neccessary

(system) #6

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