How many downsides are there for researching BPOs in high sec over a Null alliance station

Can you tell me how much time and cost I can save by researching my BPOs in a Ratairu Engineering Complex than by the best NPC station in high sec?

The Ratairu has 15% saved on time and 3% saved on isk requirements according to ‘show info’. Would a top NPC station in high sec therefore just be 85% time and 97% isk to this?

Don’t forget the index of the system. If you pick an NPC station you can pick one with the lowest possible, this can be more than the 3% savings on where the Raitaru is placed. Else all NPC stations with research slots are the same. And the time benefit is just what it says, if it takes 100 days in NPC, it would take only 85 days in Raitaru.

I personally do all my research/invention in the Tama Sotiyo (only short ones actually, so cost does not matter) for the speed bonus, but there you are on Snuff’s mercy of course.

So the index of the system is (‘research done in the system’ / ‘research done in the universe’) in the last 28 days. Therefore I want to find an NPC station off the beaten track with a small index where I can research with even a better deal than the Ratairu I mentioned above.

Is there a place in the game that says what the system cost index is?

You can just simulate for that station / system and see the total price, or use Blueprint Calculator - Regional Cost Indexes

don’t forget rigs on the Raitaru, they have a modifier based on security

The ingame map has a filter.

The most cost efficient way depends on the amount of BPCs and duration of the jobs. Some nullsec and lowsec stations offer job cost reduction boni, but since many people do their research there, the system cost index will tax all of your jobs. Compared to highsec, where you always can find a system with 0.10% job cost modifier and just drop a small/medium POS with a research lab. If you run enough jobs (start them all at the same time when the system cost index is still close to zero), the savings will greatly outweight the fuel costs. However, you will always be at 100% job time, since POS-labs offer no boni to time or cost.

But of course you can also make copies or run manufacturing jobs at that POS at the same time to re-finance it. But beware: when dropping a POS your corp will become a legit war-target. Not that anyone bothers to wardec you over a POS, I run some POSes in HS for the last… 5 years (?) now and no one ever sent a wardec my way. Mostly because you can simply take down a POS long before the wardec becomes active and there is no loot to gain anyway. Not even counted the fact that a POS armed to the teeth will be a hard nut to crack, so the wardeccers just grind to the Upwell Structrures of easier targets that guarantee at least a core drop.

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If they have rigs that speed up research wouldn’t their bonuses be included on the stations ‘traits’ tab? All it says there is 15% saved on time and 3% saved on isk. Doesn’t that include all the rigs?

the the 15% /3% is the base for any raitaru, rigs are not included when you show info on a station

How do I find out what rigs the Raitaru has? I show info on the structure and it says it can handle 3 medium rigs, i just don’t know which rigs the Raitaru has.

speak to the person who owns it and ask.

did you buy that character? you seem to be asking some pretty basic questions for such an old toon

I have a habit of playing games I don’t have an aptitude for. I guess that is what I enjoy, the struggle. I did buy the char.

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fair enough, if your looking for a fast station Hydra run one in Amamake for public use, tax may be high but it’ll be fast

You see the rig bonuses in the industry window on the location column. Simulation should include it, but this is bugged so may not work depending on weather In Iceland. :wink:

The system index is 8.86%. Does that factor in? According to Wiki Uni, the system index factors into the cost of research and it seems so high it would negate any use of this Sotoya. Save 20% in cost, 25% tax, and then there is the system index.
Would it cost to research almost too much?

Index usually dominates over any tax. Do the simulation, compare total cost, and time savings, and decide. If you talk about Tama, you need to factor in the often 50% FW bonus on the index. Simulation, and comparison of total costs is the only thing which gives you answers.

EDIT: Also remember citadels are player structures, owners can remove your access at any time, or the structure can be taken down.

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