SOLD WTS Erebus BPO 5/0

70b only
Located in high sec

Price lowered to reflect new information. and who cares what ME-TE it is, its still FN cheap

This BPO is 2 bill below npc with 6months of research. A fantastic oportunity.

Also auctioning a Makinaw BPO in the Auctions section. Go have a look

It takes less than 20 days to research it from ME 0 to ME 5, not 6 months.

well I would love to know where you are researching it, as it took me over a month per ME level when I researched it, and I just double checked in the station I am in and it says 41 days for 1 more ME. anyone else care to weigh in? has something changed? it could be ME 0 and still be a bargain at 2Bill below NPC… so I fail to see your point.

You’ve been away for a long while. Research is now non linear, with the first 5 levels taking hours / days, and each level takes 2-2.5 times longer than the one before.

Also, npc is 72.5, not 75 (that’s the avatar).

thanks for the reply, your right, i couldnt find the erebus on market so i searched avatar, and that was the basis of my price. as for the research, thats a bit fd up, what took my 6 months is now weeks… thats annoying. can you link me and supporting documentation? for general infos.

For R&D specifically:

thanks for your input

i would take it for 68 just contract it to me if interested.

your offer is accepted, contract up

BPO sold?

maybe, its on contract for 3 days. il give claire the chance to log in and accept

i already accepted thx!

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