WTA Erebus titan BPO ME 9 TE 6

I can start listing the price and time to research one this far and the savings over the other ME levels but i am sure that whoever would be interested in this already knows it :slight_smile: I was using it as a passive income, takes 25 days to get a BPC in an azbel and i have never sold one for less than 1.2 bil ( currently 1.5 in contracts, but it was not unusual to see one for over 2 bil ).

Starting price : 100 bil
reserve : 105 bil

not in a hurry to sell, will let it run for a few days.

I’ll give you 50b, no way you get 100b for something that makes 1.5b copies, Avatars don’t even get 100b

Wow. What would eve marketplace be without lawballers ?

First off, the NPC price alone is 72.5 bil. Plus the research price. The time to research to level 9 is around 16 months ( using skills, implants and complex bonuses ). You can sell a ME9 titan BPO anytime for the NPC price, therefor for 100 bil the investment is only 27.5 bil and you are getting 16 months * 1.5 bil per month = 24 bil extra compared to what you would get if you buy that BPO and research it yourself.

What other investment you know in eve that will PASSIVELY bring you 65% profit per year ( or even 18% if you don’t take into account the 16 months you are saving or the NPC price ) ?

That, if you are looking for passive income. If you are into titan building business, the savings are over 3 bil a month all and the numbers will double…

I can give u 100b for a start

101 bil

An ME 9 Avatar BPO would definitely get 100b+
source: I would easily pay that.


102 bil

103 bil


up again

Ill bid 104 bil - That’s the maximum for me - mail me if you change your mind about reserve.


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