WTS Erebus BPO - ME5 TE10 (For Sale Under NPC price)

NPC market price is 72.5b

I will sell this one with its little bit of research for 71b for a 1.5b saving from buying an un-researched NPC one.

Will be sold via private contract from Jita 4-4 - No trades so don’t even try…



Back to the top still for sale


up up up

Still for sale - Save on NPC and get a little free research :smiley:

back up

up up up again.

This is the once and only price drop - Now 70b

Thats a saving of 2.5b from buying blank BPO from NPC station not including the small bit of research Ive done.

This will now be listed at this price until sold. No offers…

Please eve mail me as i don’t always check forums.


Up we go

Up again


Up up up…


I will offer 62.5

Lol oh will you now, how very kind… Lemme think about that insanely great offer… Ok done… Hells bells No…

Read my post. Price is 70b - Its 2.5b under NPC. No lower offers!

Today’s bump

Still for sale


Buy a bpo . Com