[SOLD] WTS Avatar & Erebus BPOs 7/12

BPOs are on public contracts for 99B each. Will consider discounts for packaged sale of both.

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I’ll do 165b for both.

Thanks for confirming me about the price I have chosen for Avatar BPO :heart:
Good luck on the sale!

175B and we have a deal.

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No thank you. 165 was a genuine offer. You can take a couple of days to think about it or wait for better offers if you like, though. I’ll leave my offer on the table through the weekend.

5 letter bump…

Interested in the Erebus, but 99B is way to over priced for a 7/12, message me in game for a discussion

sent you a mail

85 on bus?

Both sold for 95B ea off public contracts. Thank you for the interest and quick sale.

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